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5 Spot

J.P. Delli of the Gangster Disciples organization

By Greg Wilcox
Posted // July 29,2009 -

Under the banner of the Gangster Disciples organization, J.P. Delli hosted a booth at the Native American Celebration in the Park on July 24 in Liberty Park to generate a positive image for the group. In Delli’s view, the initials “GD” stand for “growth and development.”

What are Gangster Disciples?
We’re trying to do something positive with GD folk—we call it “growth and development.” We’re just trying to get out and be with the people in the Salt Lake community, and just have fun with it. I like to draw, and so I’m selling these airbrushed shirts here. We’re in this festival because we come from a negative background, and, you know, we’re just tryin’ to do what we can. A lot of us are former gangbangers, and we want to do everything right that we can, keep things on a positive level, and try to serve our community and be a part of it.

So, GD includes ex-gangbangers and gangbangers alike?
Well, you know, I’m still from the neighborhood. But we got these young stupid kids, and I’m just trying to take away from the negative perspective and show that no matter where you’re from, you can be a positive force for something good.

And you sell ice cream?
We got our ice cream truck called GD; we call it “good and delicious.” It’s basically a low-profitable ice-cream business we do, selling Otter Pops for 50 cents and selling other products to the community cheap, especially during the recession. We also do music; we got a little record label, so all our friends that like to rap and be musicians or whatever can record and get their music out.

How many Utah members does GD have?
Oh, you know, GD has maybe about 80. But as far as what we’re doing, it’s really just us here. We’re trying to set an example for them. We’re like renegades, so to speak, outcasts.

What advice do you have for those growing up in a negative environment?
The pivotal moments are crucial because fear steers you toward the wrong. I would just tell them, “You wasn’t born negative.” Some of them say, “My mom gave birth to a negative individual, I’m out of luck.” But that’s not true. Be a leader, go where you want to go. Everyone has a dream, things they like to do. I like to draw, for example. You shouldn’t fear doing something positive and being ridiculed for it. I mean, they ridiculed Jesus—and look who he was, the greatest man on Earth. So, that’s what I have to say: stay positive.

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Posted // September 11,2013 at 13:56

RE: The negative, ugly, and judgemental attitudes. . . . . . first of all, with yo attitude like that, you really need to check yourself cuz it sounds to me that if you really feel that way and wana talk/act like your shyt dont stink. . . . . . well, you are the one with issues. Get over yourself. As for my BROTHERS and SISTERS OF THE STRUGGLE, I am glad you standin strong n pushin dat GROWTH n DEVELOPMENT. Go where ya wana go n be who ya wana be without forgettin where ya came from, who you are and what we stand strong on. . I am what I am n what I'm not I'll never be. BOS



Much love, your SISTER.


Posted // September 11,2013 at 13:39

Growth n Development! That's what happens when you stay positive!


Posted // January 25,2013 at 19:16

Stupidity breeds stupidity.  Look at all of these idiots post. Uneducated people puttin shit on the internet glorifying being gang affiliated and going to prison. Wake up cityweekly doesnt give a shit. This was a fluff story they did to put more eyes on you. Watch what happens next. You're feeding right into their hands. Haven't you noticed by now. Every story they do about black involves some sort of criminal activity or somethin to make black people look suspect. they just want to make people of color look worse. congradulations you fell for it again


Posted // January 25,2013 at 19:09

You lyin ass. Yall still sellin drugs, in the clubs actin a damn fool. Growth and development? Please. Aint shit about yall gonna ever changin. Yall just using drug money to open tacky businesses That will never do any good for our local economy. Who the hell wants an airbrush shirt or popsicles? You dont have shit to teach anyone you have no value ur worthless to our community and anyone willin to learn somethin from you guys is a damn fool.  


Posted // February 3,2014 at 06:38 - Your a lame ass hater. Thats why you got your name hid lame. Gtfoh with your bullshit cant stand to see someone do good.


Posted // January 18,2012 at 20:44

oh buster ass nigga this is GD BANG we out here nigga midwest shit fuck u oh cupcake ass nigga prolly went to county nd spooked of the lifestyle slangin nd bangin


Posted // February 3,2014 at 06:40 - Drizzy g you must not be G. D. or know what it stands for your a lame ass buster. Stop fronting. I dont care if your from the Chi. Your a bitch.


Posted // October 24,2012 at 10:15 - Haha I'm from the ill state as far as county been 2 the feds & functioned with the folks. Check the ressume I'm certified as far as bangin any real individual knows u can only go 2 ways when its negative. Death or prison so to the clowns that speak blasphemy don't worry life will teach u the lessons u seek. For my BROTHERS OF THE STRUGGLE that continue with this Growth & Development check me out on Tru GD Art. com. I am what I am & what I'm not I will never be~B. O. S


Posted // January 22,2012 at 18:59 - Drizzy g<-lowercase) = PUNK B. you know what the B stands fa. Ya subordinate lil female ass payaso.