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Now the Show

Friday June 25

By Jacob Stringer
Posted // June 23,2010 -

Acts of true artistic improvisation are hard to master. Most dancers, for example, aren’t specifically skilled at and inclined toward raw improvisation—just one reason why good choreographers are in such high demand. For their part, dancers Graham Brown and Brandin Steffensen have taken that dilemma to heart, developing a workshop and performance geared specifically toward teaching the body to move in the moment.

According to the duo, “The peak experience for an improviser is when the judging mind quiets and the moment takes over. In this state, we embrace new and unfamiliar territory. Our intuition guides us through the shared dance space, interacting seamlessly with our fellow improvisers.” Now the Show will combine the forces of workshop participants with a small group of professionals to present an improvisation-based, creatively charged energetic romp. According to Graham, it’s hard to pin down what the evening will entail—since, of course, nothing has been set in stone in advance.

Now the Show @ Sugar Space for the Arts, 616 Wilmington Ave. (2190 South), 888-300-7898, June 25, 8 p.m.,

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