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The Man Expo: All Things Man

Friday, April 9 - Saturday, April 10

By Jacob Stringer
Posted // April 7,2010 -

Have you ever sat pondering to yourself about what it means to be a man in today’s world? If so, the people—I mean, men—behind The Man Expo: All Things Man purport to have the answer for you.

What they are billing as the “ultimate man exhibition” will bring together hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees for one particular reason—a Y chromosome. They are promising such a manly experience—including Ultimate Fighting, paintballing, mechanical bull riding, electronic-gaming competitions, hairy-back contests, a destruction zone and much, much more—that just venturing into the testosterone-laden event will apparently promote the rapid growth of chest hair. That’s a fair warning to those of the fairer sex.

If all that isn’t enough to get you off the couch and down to Sandy, the scheduled music headliners are nothing short of epic, including Adler’s Appetite, the classic Great White and the spectacle that has become the increasingly aged Skid Row.

The Man Expo: All Things Man @ South Towne Expo Center, 9575 S. State, 801-709- 0470, April 9 & 10,

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Posted // April 12,2010 at 20:09 Not happy. I understand that there were not enough people for Great White to perform however, for those of us that purchased tickets the night of the event it would have been good to know. I did not want to see Skid Row and if I had known, I would not have paid $25 to stand around for an hour waiting for Skid Row. I came to see Great White. I feel like I have been taken advantage of and paid for something that was not clearly represented. There were no signs saying they were not perfoming and no one at the ticket booth said a word. Not cool.