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Review Bites

J. Wong’s Asian Bistro

By Ted Scheffler
Posted // April 22,2009 -

The restaurant itself is beautiful. The tables are highly lacquered works of art; expensive, ornate but contemporary wooden lamps hang from the ceiling, providing just enough light to read the menu; rust-colored walls contribute to the soothing feel of the place, while Buddha Bar-style music adds a lively, hip vibe. The menu is a blend of Thai and Chinese dishes. To take the temperature of the place, one of the first dishes I ordered was a baseline dish of Kung Pao shrimp—and it was sensational. Another shrimp dish—walnut shrimp—was simply sublime. J. Wong’s Asian Bistro is a lesson in quality control, and I’ve been duly impressed so far by the service. Reviewed April 16.

J. Wong’s Asian Bistro, 163 W. 200 South, 801-350-0888.

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Posted // August 6,2009 at 22:14

Review 08/09: August We had lettuce wraps as an appetizer that was o.k. The server put them together for us. I generally like to put my own together so I can control how much I want in a leaf or how much sauce. In our case, our server didn't put enough sauce on and i had to ask for more. Then we ordered a Panang curry w/Basil along with moo shoo pork. Our server again tried to put together our moo shoo when we finally said, how about some rice for our curry. We can put togeter our wraps. We had dessert and it was coconut ice cream with fried banana/cheese cake. When I bit into the banana it was cold. When I mentioned it they brought us out some new ones pronto.

Overall I would visit here for the Thai side curry dishes.