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Club Matters

Wasted Space: Family Home Evening

Also: Good Spirits, The Hotel

By Jon Paxton
Posted // February 16,2012 -

Wasted Space: Spaced on State
Blak Lite Entertainment runs karaoke at Wasted Space (342 S. State) every Monday night for its version of Family Home Evening. Your adopted family is there to sing songs like “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” (the Nirvana version, of course), so you can feel the warmth of togetherness and genuine spirits—we recommend bourbon. Resident bartender and singer Jason The Hat has been known to get onstage and belt out any request you give him, and he’s as good a bartender as he is a vocalist—which is to say very good. The infamous karaoke queen DJ Ruby hosts to much acclaim from the regulars, as she attempts renditions of popular classics like “Like a Virgin” and “Poker Face.”

Good Spirits: West Side Cheer
Every good drinker looks for a good neighborhood bar, and even regular dance-club-goers enjoy retiring to a place where “everyone knows your name.” Fortunately for west-side denizens, such a place exists: Good Spirits (999 W. 3300 South). The bar, open every day of the week, is home to a good burger, karaoke and poker on Sundays.

The Hotel: GoGo a V2
We recently reported SinrGy Go Go’s latest search for go-go dancing talent, and, in that same scantily clad, booty-shakin’ vein, we are glad to announce that V2 GoGos—another great local team—are talent-searching every Thursday in February at The Hotel (200 S. 155 West). The winner will win a contract to dance at The Hotel and for V2 events. This is literally a once-in-a-go-go-lifetime event. Contact for more information and to register. The events will be hosted by Anida, with music by maestros Juggy and DJ Dizz.




Pictures from Wasted Space:
1. Jason The Hat
2. Marisa Dobie, Ty Taylor
3. Kevin Snow, Shelly Pace, Penny Lane

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