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Laura Besterfeldt: Neck Laced Nutrients

Through Dec. 24 @ Tin Angel Cafe

By Brian Staker
Posted // December 16,2010 - Food is one of those artistic themes, like sex and death, that engages us on some elemental level. With Neck Laced Nutrients, Laura Besterfeldt reprises the same culinary themes from her show at the Tin Angel Café a year ago with artist/comedian Brooke Connelly. We are used to sterling silver as a utensil, not as the “food” itself, so these 45 new pieces can create a perceptual disjunction in miniature. The works might be laced with all kinds of other minerals, but you won’t want to eat them, eye candy though they might be.

The Tin Angel is the perfect place to view Besterfeldt’s work—if the pieces whet your appetite, you can actually grab a bite from the cafe’s eclectic, inventive menu. You might not be able to get your daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients from these adornments, but they’ll leave your imagination satisfied.

Laura Besterfeldt: Neck Laced Nutrients @ Tin Angel Café, 365 W. 400 South, 801-328-4155, through Dec. 24.

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