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Brittney Flores: What Grows on Trees

Friday Nov. 19-Tuesday Nov. 30 @ Mestizo Coffeehouse

By Brian Staker
Posted // November 18,2010 - A number of artists in the larger art sphere, as well as locally, are experimenting with ways to make art accessible and challenge conventions about how we sell and interact with art. Salt Laker Brittney Flores has come up with a novel pricing system. At her exhibit What Grows on Trees at Mestizo Coffeehouse, rather than listing prices, she is selling works through a silent auction where spectators can bid throughout the month.

This is Flores’ first solo show after apprenticing with Mestizo founder Ruby Chacon since 2007, right out of high school. Flores has worked with Chacon on a mural for the University of Utah Tanner Humanities building as well as other projects. This emerging artist already has an accomplished style that shows confidence and imagination.

“I’m figuring out that I can create the surreal image by creating strange caricatures and making them familiar to my audience by giving them familiar details,” she explains. “Even if those details are in the wrong place, people will still familiarize with them and it almost jump-starts their imagination.” Desert scenery in her work evokes local Utah environs, yet bizarre, sometimes extraterrestrial-looking characters create a dramatic sense of narrative and excitement (“Conquer” is pictured). Art itself doesn’t grow on trees, but this kind of work makes it seem like imagination does, as well as making the process of purchasing art feel a lot less … artificial.

What Grows on Trees: Brittney Flores @ Mestizo Coffeehouse, 631 W. North Temple Suite 700, 801-596-0500. Opening Nov. 19, 6-9 p.m., exhibit through Nov 30.

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Posted // November 22,2010 at 21:17

Just wanted to say This was an amazing show ! I love the coffee shop and Gallery . Great opportunities for the community.