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Tin Angel Third Anniversary

Thursday, April 29 - Saturday, May 1

By Brian Staker
Posted // April 28,2010 -

It’s difficult to call anything a “fixture” anymore in downtown Salt Lake City, with all the changes, new business facades and departures of old familiars. But the Tin Angel Café has become a culinary favorite over the last several years—as well as a new cultural touchstone—because of the proprietors’ attention to detail, as much in décor as in the menu.

It might not be the first place you’d think of to spotlight photographs of SLC’s punk rock scene, being separated from that time by several decades. But it used to be just up the street from the Painted Word, the Speedway Cafe and the original site of Raunch Records, and something is still in the air on that block. Sandra Miller’s lens work captures the frenetic energy of the era, and the April 11 opening launched the show with local bands including Black Hole, Victims Willing and other veterans of a time when punk was as essential as a foodstuff.

Tin Angel Third Anniversary @ Tin Angel Café, 355 W. 400 South, 801-328-4155, through May 1.

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