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Ask a Mexican

Mexican Mormons & Jalisco Snobs

By Gustavo Arellano
Posted // July 20,2010 - Dear Mexican: I heard Mormonism is a quickly spreading religion down in ye olde Mexico. What is it about this religion that a lot of Mexicans find so fascinating? —Jack Mormón

Dear Gabacho: Historically? Mexico has long had the second-largest community of Mormons in the world after the United States—official LDS figures estimate 1.2 million members live in Mexico, an increase from the 783,000 estimated in 1999. This community has existed for almost 135 years, created after polygamous Mormons who wanted to keep their multiple wives moved down south because, hey, anything goes down Mexico way, right? Sociologically, Mormons are masters of proselytizing—the increase in numbers “shows that a church group can produce a short-term phenomenal growth rate by committing resources to missionary activity,” according to Professor James W. Dow in his 2003 scholarly paper, “The Growth of Protestant Religions in Mexico and Central America.” Theologically, my understanding of Mormonism is that it places an emphasis on the family, encourages couples to have as many children as possible, stresses the dominion of the husband over the family, and hates homosexuals. If those attributes aren’t appealing to Mexicans, then I’m Moroni himself.

Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans from Jalisco look down on Mexicans from other parts of Mexico? —El Gallo Negro

Dear Black Rooster: Because tapatiós are the Texans of Mexico: an arrogant, brilliant, overly patriotic group that government officials romanticize as the id of the national psyche, and whose societal characteristics and traditions became easily identifiable stereotypes to the rest of the world. Déjame give you an example: You know how a lot of gabachos assume all Mexicans wear massive sombreros, love the tequila, play mariachi and have the potential to grow mustaches as thick as the Amazon rain forest? That’s because all those stereotypes originated from Jalisco, the birthplace of mariachi and tequila, where the native sombrero is huge and brimmed, and most of the men can grow big bigotes because of their Spanish blood. In the 1930s, Mexican officials picked Jalisco to immortalize in films and other cultural exports so that the rest of the world assumed all Mexicans were the same. “Needing a people who could personify hispanismo,” wrote Joanne Hirschfield in her essay “Race and Class in the Classical Cinema,” “its proponents found them in … Jalisco. The mythology ... created a horse-riding people who were devoutly Catholic and capitalistic, had never intermarried with Indians, and played Mariachi music.”

Because of this propaganda effort, people from Jalisco—just like those from Texas—have a notorious superiority complex, but each state or region in Mexico occupies a certain strata in la república that matches up to our own states. People from Zacatecas, for instance, are the Iowans of Mexico: hardworking, humble, and famous for their immigration to other lands. Mexico City is New York City, of course, while Monterrey is more like the Boston of Mexico. I can go on, but this humble Zacatecan must go back to work exposing Jaliscans as the blowhards they are.

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Posted // September 12,2012 at 23:02

About Jalisco snobs: I married into a Mexican family from which about half come from Guadalajara (Jalisco capital).  They are the SNOBBIEST Mexicans I have ever met in my life!  Think "Valley Girl", but in Spanish.  , yet proud of their "cultural heritage" (hypocrites?).  They feel as if they're too good for the country they were born and raised in and feel more of a kinship with Europe, and if they could, they would lick your balls just for being Euro.  Typical novela villains: White, Racist (against Mestizos and Indians, only keep white company).  I know not all people from Jalisco are this bad, but my in-laws are the perfect example of Mexican snobbery.


Posted // July 20,2010 at 13:14

True members of the LDS church don't hate anyone or any group. They think practicing homosexuality is a sin but don't condemn anyone. Just like anyone else going against God's commandments.

As for male dominion - members are taught to work together in families. And unrighteous dominion (dominating in a way that stifles anyone in the family) is forbidden.

I won't surmise your way of life ignorantly if you respect mine. Thanks.


Posted // August 5,2010 at 08:38 - Jason, really. I hesitate to respond because I don't see any sincere desire for you to discuss the matter in a civil fashion. I don't believe you understand what you are condemning. The LDS church teaches that women are to be cherished, that things are to be approached in an equal partnership. Bishops aren't a desirable position, it's a position of service that when not exploited, doesn't directly benefit the person in office (though, naturally, spiritual blessings come, but those will only be sought by the faithful with eyes to see them). To turn the plate a little, how about pornography, which teaches women are eager-to-please sex machines, and that men are macho and are supposed to seek to have sex with as many women as possible. Here's an example of something that clearly teaches male dominance and is being increasingly accepted in our culture as normal. It's use has been an important ingredient in sewing the seeds for crime later on, teaching things such as the "rape myth" (hey, you know, women want it even though they say no), and that self-discipline and virtue are to be mocked and laughed at. Here is something that is clearly evil. Yet you call evil good, and good evil. I'm not sure if there's anything that I can say to persuade you, but I will say this: Jason is a cool name. I hope you have a good day.


Posted // July 20,2010 at 16:28 - Really, anonymous zealot? Too many Mormons hide their bigotry behind worn out "we don't hate the sinner, we hate the sin" malarkey. I know many so-called true members whose comportment and attitudes and lives highlight how wrong you are in stating what you did. Mormonism is riddled with self-contradicting dogma. The doublespeak regarding a Patriarchal Order is simply part and parcel of all that. Things mentioned about Mormonism in this lampoon article are common knowledge, and good targets for needling (because they're ridiculous). Because you wish to believe points made are off target doesn't make them so.