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Rant Control

Coming Out of the Newspaper Rack

By Brandon Burt
Posted // August 19,2009 -

City Weekly received this e-mail message from Fat Chance: “Hey, gay-wad ‘news’ paper, do you think you could stop being so gay? Maybe you’ve noticed: Most of us are not gay. Your constant pandering to gay issues is annoying.”

No further information was forthcoming so, alas, these thoughtful remarks didn’t make the Letters section. However, Rant Control felt it was enough of a howler for Brandon’s Big Gay Blog at (the word “gay-wad” alone is priceless).

Here’s what readers had to say:

“Does this mean I’m a ‘gay-wad’ too?” —MrGianni

“Because you totally have to be gay to want all people to be treated equally. Fairness is for fags.” —Balance

“I don´t understand why so many Neanderthals in Utah have issues with gay people. … Maybe these losers need passports.” —Marigold

“I applaud the maturity level of the author. Another well-thought-out argument against teh gay—or is it ‘teh gay-wad’ now? Oy!” —Gr8Shoes

While Rant Control is totally gay, I wasn’t sure what City Weekly’s sexual orientation is—if a newspaper can have a sexual orientation—so I consulted associate editor Bill Frost, who is an expert on all such matters. For the record, City Weekly is “quadra-curious.”

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Posted // August 24,2009 at 15:33


I'm over people blaming the LDS Church (13.5 million members worldwide) for the will of the majority and for kicking whomever they want off of their private property. (Well, that last part...blame them! It's their right to kick anyone they want off of their property. Just stop whining about it.) I'm wondering why the movement for equality isn't as aggressively pointed at the Catholic Church (>1 billion members worldwide) and Islam (1.3-1.5 billion members worldwide). That's the real battle, isn't it? Why is it just the Mormon Church that gets ridiculed and harrassed? Little fish are easier? (I just watched a fascinating documentary called "Gay Muslims". Gay Muslims are terrified of coming out because of what could happen to them and to their families. In the Middle East, they would be killed. No question.)

What I really want to see is mature, rational demonstrations. No one's going to win people over with their "Kiss-ins". Those are so childish! I really liked the organized community service that happened in April during the last LDS General Conference.

(The word is "demi-god". Sorry. I couldn't let that go any longer. Also, I think you meant "dumb" since it's synonymous with "stupid". And "Tommy" does not dictate the way most LDS feel about the gay community. It has always been so.)


Posted // August 21,2009 at 00:44

Utah still insists on using the word gay as meaning dump or stupid. It was big in the 80’s, and Utahans love the 80’s. As far as all the gay hate coming from the mormons. That is because their living demy-God (Tommy) has declared gays the new buggy man. You see the commies and hippies are all gone. So they probably thought that gays would be an easy target. But kitties have got claws!