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Rant Control

Bread and Balance

By Brandon Burt
Posted // April 22,2009 -

In Stephen Dark’s April 16 City Weekly cover story “Dream State,” Aida Neimarlija is quoted as jokingly saying, “Only real Bosnian women know how to make pita. comments-board posters know a throw-down when they see one. Rising to the challenge, Rant Control fave BlackMamba posted this:

“Bosnian women, meet my dead Greek grandmother and four aunts, the original Utah immigrants who knew how to throw a mean meat pita or fillo pastry.”

Be that as it may, commenter Mala replied that the pita comment was “distinguishing between the old Bosnian women and the Americanized Bosnian women such as Aida and most of her peers. Of course, many Greek, Turkish and Arabic women can stretch the dough.”

Of course, the exchange was all in good fun. More serious and incisive were comments from Atkomenapita, who wrote:

“As a Serbian, I, too, had a bullet fly past my head and attended the funerals of those I love.

“I want the readers to understand: Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian soldiers engaged in the same brutality. Those of us caught in the middle suffered the same loss and trauma. I have noticed the media has the propensity to create villains and heros. Unfotunately, life is not black-and-white.

“Simply, I would like to see the experiences of everyone highlighted ... rather than those the United States deems the most victimized.”

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