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Rant Control

Navigation Nation

By Brandon Burt
Posted // March 18,2009 -

This comment came from user BlackMamba: "You have a much larger challenge on your hands in attempting to draw attention to your online comments sections: Finding the damn things! The remodel of your online presence is problematic at least for old fogeys like me who need a fair amount of navigational simplicity in order to participate. Yours, Im sad to say, is the most difficult read, out of five national news postings I read online now. And it seems to have effectively, if temporarily, silenced a once-vibrant readers comments initiative. It seems so much of your online content is now living in a list of links all over the pages. I guess Ill just say that the new presence isnt very user-friendly. Dude, wheres my online CW?"

Rant Control feels your pain, BlackMamba. Just this week, I tried to post a comment onto myself, and discovered the level of dedication you commenters must possess in order to type reasonably long comments into that tiny little floating frame. If Rant Control gets its way, that frame will be enlarged and will contain a more user-friendly editing interface.

However, since the new site has so many brand-new features, and content is categorized and organized in many different ways, obviously navigation will seem more complicated at first. If the old mustard-colored site seemed easy to navigate, it was because there was basically nothing to it. Everything was crammed on the front page. The navigation bar at the top of each page is designed to help readers wend their way through the site. If this is not working for some reason, Rant Control wants to know why. E-mail

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