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Rant Control

Those Tolerant Types

By Brandon Burt
Posted // March 11,2009 -

Ooh, ouch! Looks like City Weekly’s March 5 feature “Two-Faced Utah” hit a nerve— online commenters “peacemeal” and “espalda” are now convinced that our staff writers’ black hearts burn with white-hot hatred of the LDS Church: According to “peacemeal,” “City Weekly is staffed by Mormophobic writers with deep-seated paranoias and conspiracy fixations.”

Now, I did notice that you have no specific criticisms to make, “peacemeal.” Once you dismiss something as the paranoid rantings of a conspiracy nut, the thinking has been done—much like the “thinking” that occurs among certain religious people.

“espalda” wrote: “I do find it ironic ... the gay activists that created a witch hunt to intimidate all supporters of Prop. 8. I don’t have the slightest feeling of hate towards homosexuals, but I still support traditional marriage. … Outsiders writing things like this aren’t helping.”

You know, “espalda,” I’ve noticed that a lot of Prop. 8 supporters like to start sentences with the words “I don’t hate gays, but …” It always makes me wonder how all of those gay “best friends” you all claim to have feel about your willingness to devote so much time and resources to deny them and their families equal treatment under the law. Maybe you should ask them. Since half of those who contributed to the story are Utah natives, I think we all know what you mean by “outsiders,” you tolerant person, you. Your simultaneous whine about how Prop. 8 supporters are disrespected for no other reason than their values and opinions, then, is the height of hypocrisy. And, since Utah hypocrisy was pretty much the whole point of the story, what more can be said?

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Posted // March 17,2009 at 11:43 B-Burt You have a much larger challenge on your hands in attempting to draw attention to your on line comments sections: Finding the damn things! The remodel of your on line presence is least for old fogeys like me who need a fair amount of navigational simplicity in order to participate. Yours, I'm sad to say, is the most difficult read, out of 5 national news postings I read, that I have on line now. And it seems to have effectively, if temporarliy, silenced a once-vibrant reader's comments intiative. It seems so much of your on line content is now living in a list of links all over the pages. I guess I'll just say that the "new" presence isn't very user-friendly. Hell, I'm still grappling with just reading your on line version as satisfactorily as the "old" verison. Dude, where's my on line CW?


Posted // March 16,2009 at 13:38 Ha ha! Well, I am extremely flattered Mr. Burt. But one point of clarification - you didn't provide my entire comment. Which, when read in full, is correctly understood as a tongue-in-cheek critique of the either/or structure of the article. I think you're right, a nerve was hit... but maybe it wasn't mine.


Posted // March 16,2009 at 19:21 - Point taken, peacemeal. Since I'm allotted only about 280 words for this column (depending on how long or short "Ask a Mexican" is that week), I should probably only try to deal with one comment at a time.

I did omit the "either" half of your comment ("City Weekly is a source for news and independent thinking ...") because, obviously, the point you were really trying to make was in the "or" half.

But you're right: The omission did, unfortunately, obscure your (rather clever) parody, and I can see why it would have been better to have left it in.

As for nerves, yeah, sometimes online comments do hurt. But the purpose of Rant Control is not to blindly defend City Weekly from well-deserved criticism; it's my attempt to draw attention to our online comments pages, and hopefully even to improve the level of discourse there.

So, if I ever do come across sounding hypervigilant and defensive, I expect you to call me on it--because if Rant Control turns into a print version of an online flamewar, it won't be worth the ink.