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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | So Gay!

By Brandon Burt
Posted // January 30,2008 -
According to a Jan. 23 Seattle Post-Intelligencer item, Olympia, Wash., is home to the second-largest gay caucus in the United States.

Washington’s Legislature contains six openly gay members, putting it ahead of such gay-friendly states as California, Connecticut and Vermont, which have only five. In fact, the Washington Legislature is gayer than any of ’em except for New Hampshire.

Where does that put Utah? Intuitively, most would probably put us near the bottom of the list. Except that, at three legislators, we’re still half as gay as the second-gayest legislature in the land.

That’s pretty gay.

Now that we know the whole damned Legislature’s as gay as a box of scarves, can somebody let us know when the media can stop referring to “openly gay Sen. Scott McCoy” and just start saying “Sen. Scott McCoy”?

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