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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | MoPAC

By Brandon Burt
Posted // June 25,2008 -

In keeping with its longstanding stated tradition of not telling its members how to vote, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent out a statement urging its members to support a proposed marriage-ban amendment in California.

Titled “Preserving Traditional Marriage and Strengthening Families,” the statement will be read in sacrament meetings on June 29, transforming the church into possibly the world’s largest antigay political-action committee.

It is unclear how this amendment would strengthen any families, particularly seeing as how it’s designed to weaken the legal rights and responsibilities of families that have gay and lesbian members.

Still, we suppose there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance that must be overcome in order to sustain any kind of institutional bigotry. Thank heavens there’s no such thing as a gay Mormon.

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Posted // June 28,2008 at 08:24 The LDS Church is a haven for pedophiles. Pedophilia is not a family value.


Posted // June 28,2008 at 07:56 Institutions who promote hate are active forces for evil in the world and should be dismantled. The LDS Church and all Christian religions are the agents of Satan. Down with church sanctioned hate. nnP.S. Why is the word God on our money? Because Money is the God that Mormons actually worship.


Posted // June 27,2008 at 17:22 This is no insignificant issue. To trivialize it so is an injustice to all those who came to this country over three centuries ago - as well as for those who today would keep God’s law as they see fit, whether or not Gay or Lesbian or whatever. nnNeed I remind the masses that what is presented in Holy writ was once synonymous with the moral standard of this country, yet more and more it seems like In God we trust no longer applies here. Does that make us better?nnI for one don’t think so. This Californian is voting for the ammendment, and will convince all I can to do so as well. Thank GOD for churches who understand what truly makes a society great, and what leads to it’s moral decay and failure.


Posted // June 26,2008 at 13:35 Glad to help, amigo. Hey, if you really want to get the word out, why don’t you grab a stack of City Weeklys and hand them out in Sacrament Meeting while your bishop is telling you what to think and how to vote?


Posted // June 26,2008 at 09:09 Funny how the LDS church has changed their tune on so many things. In the 1879 April General Conference, George Q. Cannon said that heterosexual monogamy is one of the greatest evils at the present time, passed on by Greeks and Romans, and ultimately leads to crimes against nature. Crimes against nature is how homosexuality has been referred to in the past by Church officials and now Church officials want to amend consititutions to define marriage as between one man and one woman? How ironic.