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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | The Spectrum and the Rainbow

By Brandon Burt
Posted // October 1,2008 -
The St. George Spectrum & Daily News events listings for Sept. 27 included an environmental expo, a book festival, an electronics-recycling program and a chili cook-off. (They also included the strangely foreign-sounding introductory statement “So. Utahns have no limits to the amount of activities to do today.”) Readers seeking out-of-town kicks were directed to Swiss Days in Santa Clara and the Ivins Heritage Art Festival.

Strangely absent from the Spectrum’s listings was any mention of the Southern Utah Pride Festival, which attracted 2,500 participants. (No word on how many attended the chili cook-off.)

Now, perhaps it’s unfair to expect listings editors to keep track of a gay-pride festival taking place in Springdale, nearly 50 miles away. Still, you’d think they’d remember something, considering their employer had a $1,000 sponsorship of the event—or at least it did, until management backed out of the deal last month. To its credit, the Spectrum published its agreed-upon ads, but management refused to allow the paper’s logo to appear on any of the festival’s promotional material.

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Posted // October 3,2008 at 10:31 So where’s the rest of the story? What was the Spectrum’s comment about their invovlement or lack thereof? What about something from one of the festival participants? How about a homo living in St. George that missed out and is just spittin’ mad and cancelling their subscription? I’ll be waiting. Cheers!