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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | Beers, Yes; Queers, No

By Brandon Burt
Posted // September 24,2008 - /
September has been an exciting month for those who breathlessly anticipate LDS Church statements. Such statements regularly emanate from 50 E. North Temple, but two of them have garnered considerable attention this month.n

One, optimistically interpreted by the hospitality industry as suggesting that the church thinks it would be OK to revoke Utah’s Byzantine private-club laws, states: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes that Utahns … can come together as citizens, regardless of religion or politics, to support laws and regulations that allow individual freedom of choice.”

That’s all very well and good for Utahns. However, as far as the LDS Church is concerned, Californians can suck it: The other statement explains how individual freedom of choice, while desirable in Utah, is not so good in the Golden State. Gays and lesbians there have a little too much freedom of choice for the comfort of the church, which supports a California ballot proposition seeking to strip gays and lesbians of equal protection under state marriage laws.

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Posted // September 28,2008 at 09:54 Rik - The CA Supreme Court was doing exactly what it is supposed to do. nnLegislatures pass the rule of the majority, but the rights of the minority are clearly protected in each state’s constitution, as well as in the Constitution of the United States and it is that constitutional mandate, not the mob-rule of the legislature, that the state and federal Supreme Courts are bound to uphold.nnYour lament about judges legislating from the bench is nothing more than the uneducated blather perpetuated by people such as yourself who don’t have even the remotest idea about how government actually works. Next time, try taking your talking points from someone who actually understands the system.nnIts called separation of powers, perhaps you’ve heard of it?


Posted // September 27,2008 at 22:34 Brandon, Let’s get one thing straight, the will of the people innCalifornia had already been heard when the proposition was passed that they would not sanction same sex marriage. It was only later that the California State Supreme Court took it upon themselves to overturn the will of the people. I guess they just felt the common folk just didn’t have a clue what they really wanted and arbitrarily imposed their own liberal will and legislation from the bench rewriting whatever they feel is best. Sounds like a real democracy to me. Their’s is not a legislative responsibility but a judicial one. Get a clue.nnWhats going on right now is an atrocity and shouldn’t even be nhappening if not for a corrupt State Supreme Court.