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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | “Together Forever?

By Brandon Burt
Posted // April 23,2008 - So enamored of John McCain is Sen. Orrin Hatch, he recently surprised McCain’s presidential campaign with the gift of its very own theme song—a song Hatch himself composed. (Upon which we can only imagine McCain’s nonplussed staffers replied, “Um, thanks!”)

Well, OK. Our senatorial scenester had help. Co-composer credit went to the guy who, 50 years ago, wrote “Santa Baby”—and, presumably, never had to do anything else after that. (That’s how to make it in this business: Claim authorship of a perennial, and slightly dirty, Christmas hit.)

Show biz and politics makes for odd juxtapositions. We wouldn’t have been more surprised to hear Hatch was collaborating, Pat Boone-style, on an album with Megadeth, or a dance video with ’80s pop legend Rick Astley.

Then again, considering the title of Hatch’s song, that may not be far off the mark.

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