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Lake Effect

Lake Effect | Postum Mortem

By Brandon Burt
Posted // January 9,2008 -

Now that Kraft Foods has discontinued Postum, the sinister Mr. Coffee Nerves lurks ever closer. The demise of the wheat-based caffeine-free coffee substitute may come as a disappointment, but it can hardly come as a surprise.

Sure, we all have a jar of Postum somewhere in the house—it comes pre-installed with the water heater; check up high behind the Metamucil and the raisins—but how many among us has ever tried to drink some?

Nobody buys Postum. And Kraft Foods is tired of trying to turn a fetish into a revenue stream. Attempts to modernize the brand (Postum “Au Lait,” Postum “Mocha Cooler”) fell on stony silence in Utah.

According to Pierre, the guy who answers the 800 number for Kraft Canada, rumors that Postum will continue to be marketed up north are false. “Didn’t I talk to you last week?” he asked—obviously bemused by a sudden spate of calls from Utah.

C.W. Post—who created the hearty grain beverage in America’s Gilded Age—had no connection to the LDS Church. He was a Seventh-day Adventist. Other delicious Seventh-day Adventist products include Little Debbie snack cakes. Little Debbie is still very much on the market.

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Posted // December 23,2012 at 11:28

As of November 2012, Postum is back !!! within a few months all of Utah and soon the entire U. S. will again be blessed with this healthy drink. Sorry to the residents of Utah that hate being here and want to change the state to be as corrupt as other progressive states , but you are doomed to have this take up shelf space again.


Posted // July 16,2008 at 14:34 I grew up loving Postum, If I could I’d buy the recipe and the rights to market it I would. My friend has perfected a new beverage made primarily from roasted Cacao beans and although brewed like coffee has more similarities to Postum , in fact one batch was very close after adding molasses. If you’d like to learm more or get some of this Choffy please contact me at choffy AT I really like this new product and it has no caffeine. I still like my Postum but with only 5 precious jars left it’s not something I can drink regularly.