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Rant Control

Love Those Extraterrestrials

By Jerre Wroble
Posted // September 30,2009 - After showing up on the front page of Digg, a social news Website, Carolyn Campbell’s Sept. 24 cover feature “Touched by an Alien” became one of City Weekly’s Top 10 most read cover features online. It also temporarily shut down our server. The print edition similarly vanished from news racks.

What is it about alien stories that brings out readers’ intense curiosity as well as contempt? Online, AnasaziAl proclaimed: “Excellent cover and cover story. However, the comments so far are sad examples of the blind bias and snide attempts at humor this subject usually brings out of dank minds where fear and bigotry rule.”

AnasaziAl was likely referring to Hayduke’s remarks: “People claiming to have been abducted by aliens only to be sexually molested or tortured are either attention-seeking whack-jobs, bored, lonely and just needing somebody to pay attention to them, or are literally sick and need professional medical attention.“

Or Black Mamba’s: “It’s stupid and laughable and only the most childish, desperate individuals who lurk on the edges of life are susceptible.”

Rant Control’s take is this: 1. The subjects for “Touched by an Alien” did not come to us; our writer sought them out, gained their trust and wrote about their experiences. 2. It takes conviction to put one’s self out there (none used pseudonyms or requested anonymity). 3. Grays are good for circulation.

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Posted // October 1,2009 at 22:25

Several years ago I was a reporter for Clyde Lewis on his radio show Ground Zero. I carefully researched and documented a local UFO sighting that in had several witnesses, including firefighters and paramedics. I offered this to the Ogden Standard and was openly snickered at. That was a minor incident, but the slanderous attacks on the abductees was not minor.

I'm aquainted with Whitley Streiber and his career was nearly destroyed and continues to be limited by the savage attacks on him after the publication of "Communion." I also know most of the people in this article and know them to be solid citizens. It's the fear of narrow-minded slander that keeps most witnesses of the unexplained from coming forwardInstant ridicule and underhanded personal attack are the tools of the weak.

These experiencers, and those who try to help them, are people with conviction who deserve respect for coming forward inspite of the abuse they most likey knew would follow.

Nothing will convince those who think they "know it all" and can only sneer, even in pseudo-apology. Sarcasm is the refuge of the weak and small minded.


Posted // October 7,2009 at 10:55 - Actually, Al, fantasy is the refuge of the weak and small-minded. Think religious cults, multi-level marketing or NASCAR. I'm sure that in your "work," you have come in contact with people who simply made it up or had a psychotic departure or two. I've awakened on the occasional morning not knowing if something really happened or if I dreamed it and in my dribnking day7s, there some doozies! It usually clears after a few minutes. When I was much younger, one of my best friends had been horribly verbally and physically abused by his alcoholic father. When he got into his teens and experimented with drugs and rock and roll, he created a very serious, heartfelt personal myth that he had been dropped off at birth by aliens, and through some accident had been adopted and raised by mortal, faulty, earthbound parents. In other words, his real existence was so awful that he fabricated a story about having alien origins. And he told and re-told that story every time his family came up in conversations with dead-seriousness. I visited with him three weeks ago and when I brought up his "alien" roots from our teen years, he laughed out loud and said, "What a weird time that was for me!"


Posted // October 2,2009 at 13:45 - Shazbot!


Posted // October 1,2009 at 08:08

I don't know that it takes conviction to willingly place yourself in a position that will most certainly draw ridicule, but it does take courage. Even if it was only an attention stunt, it took courage to do. The gentlemen in the story used their own names and had no problem being filmed. That, too, took courage. So cheers to those guys. May they never see or suffer at the hands of a "Gray" again.