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5 Spot

Writer pretends to be gay at seminar

But confidentiality agreement comes into play

By Jerre Wroble
Posted // August 26,2009 -

When freelance writer Ted Cox of Sacramento, Calif., learned that a “Journey into Manhood” seminar was scheduled Aug. 28-30 in the Salt Lake area, he proposed writing a story about the seminar for City Weekly. Cox, a former Mormon, is a heterosexual who, earlier this year, pretended to be gay in order to attend a JiM workshop for men wanting to “overcome same-sex attractions.”

Upon learning of Cox’s story proposal, JiM founder and life coach Rich Wyler quickly intervened, urging City Weekly not to run Cox’s story because Cox signed a confidentiality agreement barring him from speaking about the weekend. City Weekly decided not to publish Cox’s proposed story but rather to ask Cox why he went undercover to get the story.

Why so much interest in reparative-therapy programs?

This started in 2007, after I saw a segment on the Daily Show where the correspondent interviewed Richard Cohen, who is a pretty infamous ex-gay therapist, and I was surprised … that they didn’t at all delve into the religious motivation behind the ex-gay movement.

I found local ministries, and I’ve attended different support groups. I’ve also gone to a couple of conferences that deal with the ex-gay movement. All of it is a look of what is going on, who goes to these things, and do they work—which is, of course, the really big question.

In looking at the JiM Website (, it seems the men who attend are sharing their feelings at a deep level. Yet, you were never honest about who you were. Why?

I also opened up at that weekend. I revealed things about myself that I don’t go around telling people, things about my childhood. The reason I did that was so I could understand what it’s like to go through that process.

Granted, I do not understand what it’s like to be a gay man with a Christian background who is trying desperately to change who he is because he believes if he acts on these desires, he is committing some horrible sin. But, I went through the process.

And the reason you have to go undercover is because there is no other way to find out what’s going on. These organizations cloud themselves with secrecy; everything is hidden—it’s blocked; it’s behind confidentiality agreements. How do we know if what Wyler is doing is ethical unless someone can take a look at it and critique it?

Note: Rich Wyler would only consent to be interviewed if any reference of Ted Cox attending the JiM seminar undercover was “scrubbed.” Copies of Cox’s signed confidentiality agreement can be seen below.



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Posted // August 31,2009 at 08:47

"Gay man pretends to be a writer at the mall, buys poodle."

That's at least as interesting as the title to this "story". How lame is this? Print a story title with the hot-word word "Gay" in it and then follow up with a non-story, claiming that your hands are tied because of some legal agreement? Why bother?

Here's what really happened: This dude is gay, is still suffering from his Mormon hang-ups and had other motives for attending this seminar, like, seeking methods to un-gay himself.


Posted // May 12,2011 at 11:09 - wat?


Posted // September 9,2009 at 11:59 - Hayduke, your explanation is so-o-o-o gay! I would think that "Journey Into Manhood" would be a good title for an anal sex manual.


Posted // August 28,2009 at 18:30

I'm not a lawyer, but I do recognize that just signing a document doesn't make the document legal. I think you may be shortsighted in not reveiling the text of Ted Cox's article since many aspects of the confidentiality agreement/contract refrenced above appear to be uneforceable, especially since they (People Can Change) admit that they are not acting in the capacity of a therapist who has a valid license to practice.