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Staff Box

Filling Downtown's Vacancies

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // March 25,2009 - There seems to be a lot of vacancies on Main Street again. How would you fill them?

Christopher Westergard: I have a new idea! I really think this might work. Let's knock down all the current buildings and create city parking lots or build new, ugly buildings. Wait ... it appears someone already is doing that.

Jamie Gadette: More bars and restaurants, including a 24-hour diner!

Ted Scheffler: Two words: Wine bars.

Chelsie Booker: I’d fill that What Were We Thinking Café up again with fake mannequin people dressed in fashion-forward holiday sweaters, constantly drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes—because nothing warms my heart more than such a joyous, albeit creepy, event. Or I’d give Big City Soup their home back.

Matt Engle: We need a red-light district.

Scott Renshaw: Seems like things were pretty hopping during the 2002 Winter Olympics. We just need another international event: Maybe the "Banker and Hedge-Fund Manager Pitchfork Chase." The effigy concession alone would fill a dozen storefronts.

Ben Rosch: First, I would tear them all down. Then, I would realize that I never really had the money to build anything in the first place, and leave gigantic, gaping holes in their place. Is that not the new real estate trend?!

Lia Pretorius: I've noticed there are a lot of us working stiffs downtown, and I'd wager that many are parents. A quality downtown day care and recreation center for the older kids would be a dream—better than more church buildings and courthouses. 
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Posted // March 29,2009 at 21:54 Le sigh.


Posted // March 26,2009 at 08:41 I also love the daycare idea (totally needed downtown) I would love to see walk able nightlife scene along main with multiple bars and dance clubs as well as cafes and restaurants Make it a fun walk able historic area that is hip with both high end and cheaper options to appeal to everyone. Maybe I’m dreaming, but It would be amazing to see.


Posted // March 25,2009 at 16:34 I am actually surprised there isn't a good daycare downtown. I think that's probably a million dollar idea... Maybe the new building on Main would work for the purpose...