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Any successful boycotts?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // February 13,2009 -

Have you ever in your life participated in a boycott that you think amounted to anything?

Jamie Gadette: I refuse to watch Titanic and I think my life is the better for it

Brandon Burt: I can hardly remember a time when I wasn’t observing at least two or three boycotts. Grapes, Florida orange juice, Coors products … boycotts can be very effective. And why should I spend my money where it will benefit those who wish me harm? If Ken Garff ever wants my business back, he’ll have to make a hefty donation to the Utah Pride Center first.

Ted McDonough: Since the seventh grade, I have boycotted a global hamburger chain, not out of any noble motive, but wishing a mom & pop place would open up instead. I lost.

Ben Rosch: I continually boycott nonlocal coffee shops, but the giants seem to keep popping up all over the place. Come on people, help me support your local coffee shop!

Bryan Mannos: I boycotted Domino’s Pizza during the ’80s. It amounted to me not eating shitty pizza …

Lara Grant: Oh, I boycott lots of things when the fancy strikes. Not that I think I’ve ever really “accomplished” anything by doing so, of course. Currently, I am taking a stand against Kellogg’s for its hypocritical mistreatment of poor Michael Phelps! Not that I ever eat their stuff anyway … see? What a waste of my time. Boycott Kellogg’s!

Jesse James Burnitt: I’m pretty vocal about the reasons for my boycotts and often convert others to my cause easily. So if I convert 5 people and each of them do the same, then it’s absolutely worthwhile. I won’t buy anything made in China, and I won’t shop at Wal Mart, FYI.

Bill Frost: All of my boycotting is handled by my personal assistant Jackie; she can send you a spreadsheet.

Jackie Briggs: I’ve been boycotting Java Joe’s for nearly two years now, and if my calculations are correct, it has amounted to $1,443.57. This has been extremely trying, as the baristas are tops, but the hate in my heart after Towgate ’06 still burns deep. For the record, I’m also boycotting Wells Fargo, Penske and the night guy at the 7-Eleven by my house.

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Posted // October 14,2009 at 21:25

A successful Boycott consists of the willing to go out there for what you believe in. At times you may want to throw in the towel. The point is to never give up.daily protest of at least a minimum of one hour gets the word out. The more the better. Never harass the buiness but be clear with what you are saying. Sooner or later you will be heard. 8 weeks and still going strong. Whitten Inn Has discriminated his employees that would have brought money to his pocket.


Posted // October 2,2009 at 18:50

Seven Weeks and still BOYCOTTING the Whitten Inn. It has been great. I can tell you that this is how a successful boycott works. Walk the sidewalks every day. especially around the time business is heavy. 2:30 to 6:00 works for us.


Posted // September 12,2009 at 17:29

The community of Taos,New Mexico, LULAC and The Brown Berets have come together to BOYCOTT "WHITTEN INN" for discrimination and racism after Larry Whitten bought the motel on July 31,2009. He ordered all hispanic employees to change their hispanic names to english names and told them that they can not speak their spanish language. All employees were fired within 2 weeks. go to Whitten Inn protest or Paragon Inn protest in taos on google or you tube for more info. RACISM IS WRONG ANYTIME, ANY PLACE!!!