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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Food & Drink Page 9

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST PATIO
Sun & Moon Café
The view from the patio isn’t much: a hillside in Emigration Canyon. But the terraced wooden deck behind the old restaurant remains one of the most pleasant places in the valley to spend a summer evening. The beer selection is excellent and the live music—blues and bluegrass—keeps you coming into fall when the canyon can be downright chilly. The food is good, too. Once a place for burgers—damned fine burgers—in the restaurant’s previous incarnation as Crompton’s Roadside Attraction, Sun and Moon has gone a little fancy with wine tastings and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus designed by owner Carl Wayant, the former chef of Solitude’s Yurt.5195 Emigration Canyon, 583-8331, TheSunAndMoonCafé.com

BEST BREWPUB Readers’ Choice
Don’t just ask our readers—though we’re delighted to hear from them. Ask the judges for the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup, who have honored Squatters’ brews over the years too many times to count. With a variety of wonderful beer options like Chasing Tail Ale and Polygamy Porter—in addition to the tasty pub food—it’s no wonder that the formula has proven successful enough open a new location in Park City. And in case all that wasn’t enough reason to visit, it’s also one of the state’s most environmentally conscious businesses.147 W. 300 South, 363-2739,
2. Red Rock Brewing Co.
3. Desert Edge Pub

Across the street, there is a velvet rope and a line of gawkers craning their necks to get a glimpse of Britney’s ass. Meanwhile, you, Brad and Angelina are having a quiet Italian meal or listening to blues at the nightclub, enjoying the lower profile of Cisero’s and discussing if, really, you didn’t buy into Park City a tad too late.306 Main, Park City, 435-649-6800,

Café Trang
Count Salt Lake City blessed that we have Vietnamese restaurant of this quality and choice of locations. Count Salt Lake City doubly blessed that we have a Vietnamese restaurant with such an extensive menu of offerings and the option of brown rice to boot. Caramel pork, mango fish, and the ever-popular spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce are standard for longtime customers, but it’s likely not even they have covered the full terrain of Trang’s menu. Not that they, and we, won’t keep trying.Multiple locations, Café
2. Mi La Cai
3. East West Connection

Jean Louis
At Chef Jean Louis Montecot’s namesake Park City restaurant, the appetizer options are so inviting, you might just decide to make a meal of nothing but starters. We could imagine, for example, kicking things off with steamy escargots served in the Burgundian style with toasted country bread before moving onto a dish of fresh tuna tartare with English cucumber and roasted peppers. Next, smoked wild salmon with Peruvian potatoes or maybe Muscovy duck rillette with cornichons and pearl onions would be in order. Don’t get too busy with the Swiss Raclette or cheese fondue, though, because you’re absolutely going to want to save room for an appetizer order of seared foie gras drizzled with a fig and balsamic vinegar reduction. And that’s just for starters!136 Heber Ave., Park City, 435-200-0260

Pistol Pete’s
At many other Mexican eateries, the tortilla soup is thin, runny and bland. This is not the case at Pistol Pete’s, an Arizona style Mexican walk up and order joint whose tortilla soup has a base of thick tomato broth, guacamole, tortilla strips, rice and cheese. It’s served with a side of tortilla chips complemented by the free salsa bar. This dish is sure to keep your stomach full with its dense content and your wallet thick with its low price.2477 Fort Union Blvd., 944-1833

Whether you’re a curry girl or a Pad Thai kind of guy, the Thai explosion has been one of Salt Lake City’s best dining developments in recent years. Sawadee may be the new kid on the block, but we’re glad it moved in—and so close to the Avenues. Adventurous diners will appreciate authentic Thai seafood dishes the likes of which have not often been seen in these parts and, for those who already know what they want—curries, natch—Sawadee offers a rainbow of them.754 E. South Temple, 328-8424,
2. Mazza
3. Chanon Thai

What can get SLC downtowners to leave their comfortable confines and head southwest to Q4U’s new location? How about a chance to experience the finger-licking delights of T’s succulent barbecue or the side dishes that taste like a Southern grandma just put ’em out on the table? Bring a big appetite, a couple of toothpicks and a willingness to get messy. Oh, and maybe the classified ads—when you’re done, you just might consider moving a little bit closer.3951 W. 5400 South, West Valley City, 955-8858,
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Red Iguana

Wasatch Broiler & Grill
Whether skewered on a kebab, atop a salad or on a pizza, the chicken dominates in flavor and succulence in every one of Wasatch’s dishes. Wasatch focuses on healthy dining and does not skimp on the chicken. The pieces are stripped of their skin and marinated for 24 hours in a blend of vegetable juices and seasonings. The chicken is then flame grilled, never fried, over a specially built broiler and grill. Better yet, each dish is cooked fresh to order and served hot.4927 S. State, 266-3311,

Flying J Travel Plaza
Sometimes a late-night hankering for hash browns—or for a surreal adventure with your freaky friends—calls for a visit to the local travel plaza. The smell of diesel fuel permeates everything and the truckers will eye you with suspicion if you laughingly order a java mocha half-calf back-flip latte. Stick with coffee; you’ll be OK. The wait staff aren’t all named Flo, but they might call you “hon” if you leave a decent tip. Otherwise, be prepared to kiss some grits.850 W. 2100 South, 972-3711

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Posted // March 13,2008 at 05:38 WOW, this is true! I really agree with CHris, on the comment above. I myself have been to both places more then a few times. I now only go to one, that being the Cedars Of Lebanon Restaurant. It is much much more traditional and its the real thing. Mazza sometimes has a line of people but, for what?? dry falafel that crumbles when you try and eat it???? Now im no cook but i believe that food contents are supposed to break down in your mouth. Not in your spoon or pita. Also i have noticed a lack in taste at mazza with a majority of their meals. I dont know how some of these critics wrote good things about the food from Mazza (I think they were tipped off, thats my personal belief) because its not at all close to what its supposed to be.


Posted // March 12,2008 at 21:15 Wow I REALYY CANT believe MAZZA Won!!! THis is just a place to go and get americanized food for a high cost!!! I strongly believe that THE CEDARS OF LEbanon is much better and the Realy FOOD!! Unlike Mazza Which serves their TRADITINAL FRECH FRIES!! YA WOW REAL Middle Eastern!! I believe that Mazza only took this award soley based on location and the fact that if you dont know middle eastern food, then how will you know if what your eating is traditional or just something served on a plate??? I guess i cant blame the READERS, because if they have never tried real Middle EATERN Cuisine!! But, if you really would liek a taste of the middle east i Strongl recommend THe Cedars Of Lebanon reastaurant!! 30 years of business seems like it would mean something huh? As opposed to a comment left about MAzza calling a it a FADE that has seen its days and is slowly fading in the distance! Sry readers but as you can tell i am really opposed to the Mazza being called middle eastern when Im from their!! i take offence to the food they offer, i dont want to be associated with it!


Posted // March 12,2008 at 21:09 Cedars of Lebonan is more traditonal! they should have won... Mazza’s is too americanized... blech.....


Posted // February 25,2008 at 18:07 We went there about a month ago, a group of buddies that is, and it was such an awesome experience. Soon as you walk in you see the epic gear on the walls. Then it was time to order food.. turned out to be the best wings any of us had ever had. Our advice, given through me, is to GO TO THE WING COOP! It’s a great bang for your buck and the service is great. nnGo check it out,nAddicted Wing Coop-ian


Posted // February 13,2008 at 14:23 I second the motion. Make it searchable. That would be great.