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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2007 | Food & Drink Page 6

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // June 11,2007 - BEST BREAKFAST Readers’ Choice
Blue Plate Diner
Not far from SugarHouse Park, this scruffy little diner is the real deal. Its wait staff is anything but cloying and the atmosphere, while retro, is decidedly amped. They recommend the all-you-can-eat cornmeal pancakes or huevos rancheros with a black bean crust and poached eggs covered in melted cheese and salsa. For vegans, the tofu scramble will appease not only your conscience but also your appetite.2041 S. 2100 East, 463-1151
2. Eggs in the City
3. The Bagelry

Acapulco Market
That means “Mexican butcher shop,” gabacho, and it’s just the thing for anybody who sadly yearns for a more carnivore-friendly time—it’s a meat-lover’s paradise. Acapulco doesn’t just sell meat; it sells meat-related products and even things that don’t look all that meaty. (But meat could be in there somewhere!) The inexpensive and delicious pork tamales alone, kept in a pot near the cash register, are worth a special trip.1430 Indiana Ave., 359-8944

BEST SUSHI Readers’ Choice
We already knew Takashi serves this town’s most delectable sushi. Unlike a hipster hiding his favorite band from mainstream audiences, however, we’re thrilled the public is equally hooked on shining slivers of sashimi, Spanish mackerel and torched sablefish nigiri, brilliant rolls including the T&T, Buddha and Alta (with chunks of heavenly, real crab) and ceviche cocktail served in a martini glass with avocado. Besides the obvious culinary delights, the often-packed downtown eatery keeps people coming back with friendly, professional servers and pristine digs that somehow evoke both warmth and ultra-coolness. Once you’ve accepted Takashi as your personal sushi savior, saddle up to the bar and let the chef’s imagination run wild. You won’t be disappointed.18 W. Market St., 519-9595
2. Happy Sumo
3. Tsunami

Rich’s Bagels
Rich’s Bagels are so popular that they ship worldwide. The signature bagel, the light and airy Asiago cheese, is delectable with a variety of toppings ranging from honey and butter to light veggie cream cheese, gouda, turkey, capers and sprouts. With a new chicken pistachio salad and a bagel of the day that ranges from blueberry, cinnamon-sugar to poppy seed and an “everything” bagel, this is a bagel-lover’s paradise. The banana bread, homemade cookies, and hot breakfast egg sandwiches round out the taste-tempting menu.6191 Highland Drive, Holladay, 277-3137; 8691 Highland Drive, Sandy, 947-0890

The Argentine Corner
Argentina’s international culinary reputation rests on the quality of its meat. But spend time in Buenos Aires and street-corner pizzerias soon catch your eye. In Clearfield, Argentine expatriot Jose Luis Palacios is a master pizza maker. The secret he says is in the 3/4-inch dough. His wife has watched him, he says, and under her hands, it still doesn’t come out the same. “The hand of the pizza maker is exclusive,” he says in Spanish. He offers 10 different pizzas. Gringos go for the Napolitano, which has garlic, black olives, tomatoes and mozzarella. But, if you fancy something different, try la de espinacha, with tomato sauce, spinach, white sauce and parmesan.442 N. Main, Clearfield, 801-773-9909

The Bayou
The Bayou is known and loved for its wide-ranging beer selection. It only stands to reason that the private club’s appetizers would be equal in stature. Great exotic beers demand killer munchies, such as the Bayou’s alligator cheesecake and Cajun-spiced Buffalo wings. Other tempting starter fare includes chicken quesadilla, chipotle hummus, fried ravioli, artichoke-cheese dip and the ever-popular sweet potato fries served with a garlic-chipotle fry sauce. True comfort food with a Cajun twist—just the way we like it in Utah.645 S. State, 961-8400,
2. Caffé Molise
3. Panache

La Taqueria Lolita
Next door to strip club Trails, Lolita is the best kind of hole-in-the-wall. The salsa’s picante, the chimichanga lightly fried, the salad fresh, the tacos crispy. But, while many other hole-in-the-wall establishments abandon dessert as unworthy of attention, Lolita proves the sweet is as important as the salty. Lolita’s traditional nieve frita—fried snow—features ice cream rolled in sultanas and sugary rice cereal, sitting on a base of fried dough with liquid chocolate drizzled over the top. Whether it’s Trails’ influence or just the cook’s enthusiasm for sinful treats, this is one dessert not to be missed.909 S. 300 West, 364-4123

Braza Grill
Braza Grill’s greatest coup is not the high quality of its grilled tenderloin or the pork and pineapple that waiters bring to the table on sword sticks. Nor is it the abundant salad bar. Rather, its greatest asset is what its clientele provide—the constant, at times raucous, rumble of Portuguese and Spanish. The voices swoon and ripple like the distilled essence of samba and bossa nova. Braza Grill’s pleasure lies in the intimacy it affords—and the illusion that you’re dining just off the Copacabana rather than exhaust-plugged State Street.5927 S. State, Murray, 506-7788

BEST CALZONES Readers’ Choice
The Pie
Actually, the menu calls it a “Zappi,” but whatever—in most folks’ eyes, it’s still a pizza folded in on itself. Thankfully, The Pie doesn’t consider the calzone in such simple terms, loading its meat, cheese or vegetarian Zappis with the tastiest of ingredients you’ll be snacking for days (if you can finish a Zappi in a single sitting, hats and belts off to you).1320 E. 200 South, 582-0193,
2. Este Pizza
3. Big Apple Pizza

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Posted // March 13,2008 at 05:38 WOW, this is true! I really agree with CHris, on the comment above. I myself have been to both places more then a few times. I now only go to one, that being the Cedars Of Lebanon Restaurant. It is much much more traditional and its the real thing. Mazza sometimes has a line of people but, for what?? dry falafel that crumbles when you try and eat it???? Now im no cook but i believe that food contents are supposed to break down in your mouth. Not in your spoon or pita. Also i have noticed a lack in taste at mazza with a majority of their meals. I dont know how some of these critics wrote good things about the food from Mazza (I think they were tipped off, thats my personal belief) because its not at all close to what its supposed to be.


Posted // March 12,2008 at 21:15 Wow I REALYY CANT believe MAZZA Won!!! THis is just a place to go and get americanized food for a high cost!!! I strongly believe that THE CEDARS OF LEbanon is much better and the Realy FOOD!! Unlike Mazza Which serves their TRADITINAL FRECH FRIES!! YA WOW REAL Middle Eastern!! I believe that Mazza only took this award soley based on location and the fact that if you dont know middle eastern food, then how will you know if what your eating is traditional or just something served on a plate??? I guess i cant blame the READERS, because if they have never tried real Middle EATERN Cuisine!! But, if you really would liek a taste of the middle east i Strongl recommend THe Cedars Of Lebanon reastaurant!! 30 years of business seems like it would mean something huh? As opposed to a comment left about MAzza calling a it a FADE that has seen its days and is slowly fading in the distance! Sry readers but as you can tell i am really opposed to the Mazza being called middle eastern when Im from their!! i take offence to the food they offer, i dont want to be associated with it!


Posted // March 12,2008 at 21:09 Cedars of Lebonan is more traditonal! they should have won... Mazza’s is too americanized... blech.....


Posted // February 25,2008 at 18:07 We went there about a month ago, a group of buddies that is, and it was such an awesome experience. Soon as you walk in you see the epic gear on the walls. Then it was time to order food.. turned out to be the best wings any of us had ever had. Our advice, given through me, is to GO TO THE WING COOP! It’s a great bang for your buck and the service is great. nnGo check it out,nAddicted Wing Coop-ian


Posted // February 13,2008 at 14:23 I second the motion. Make it searchable. That would be great.