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By City Weekly Staff
Posted // December 4,2013 - What do you think of people who post selfies?

Scott Renshaw: It’s all about the context. At least take a picture of yourself doing something interesting. Or doing someone interesting.

Jackie Briggs: Unless you’re trying to be like “look at this punch in the eye I received last night,” or show off some other newly malformed part of your face, I say no. The truth is, no one really likes a selfie more than the person who posted it, so just make it your screensaver and call it good. Although, if I have a crush on you, then post all the selfies, on all the social networks, all of the time.

Derek Carlisle: Every selfie should be sort of like the portrait of Dorian Gray; as long as the selfie-taker never looked at it, they would stay as hot as they thought. But alas, they would have to admire it, and in doing so, die quickly.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Sometimes, selfies are necessary (“I have this awesome new haircut/cat/shirt/hat/tattoo, but no one’s around to snap my picture!”). But people who post a selfie every day? Needy, approval-seeking attention-grabbers whom I refuse to validate.

Colin Wolf: I’m not a fan of selfies, but there are definitely a few situations where they’re perfectly acceptable—like Halloween costumes, covert photos of shit happening behind you, showing off scars or emergency-room situations, or advertising your genitals on Craigslist.

Christopher Westergard: I tried to respond to this via a #selfie. Because I am one of those people that post #selfies. Get over it.

Jeff Reese: When there are a lot of them and they are posted often, it makes it hard not to think of the person as being at least a little vain. It’s as if they are saying, “Here, look at another picture of me. Aren’t I beautiful?! You are welcome!” 
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