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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2008 | Night Life Page 3

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // April 2,2008 - BEST MISCHIEVOUS MOTIFS
Slippery Kittens Burlesque
You’d think simply having women dancing around in their underwear would be enough of a “show theme,” but the retro-tastic Slippery Kittens Burlesque troupe goes the extra mile at the Bar Deluxe with a new flavor every month: From the international “Around the World in 80 Minutes” to the musical “Taking It Off to Broadway,” they’re as historically accurate and educational as they are titillating. OK, not really—but the extra homework is appreciated. Also: Watch the Kittens going national on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The Depot
Less a club than an immaculate concert hall that happens to have a couple of bars, The Depot keeps winning this category (this is its third Best of Utah award in as many years in operation) through quality, not quantity: There’s not a show every night, but when there is, it’s an event. Salt Lake City may not be ready for a House of Blues-style influx of nightly touring acts, but The Depot’s strategic lineup gets more impressive all the time, with classic artists like B.B. King and Dr. John in April, and modern scores like M.I.A. and The Breeders coming in May.
400 W. South Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-456-2800,
2. Club Vegas
3. In the Venue

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The Paladium
If the west side is becoming the new downtown, then The Paladium (yes, one “L”) might be your new neighborhood concert club. When Park City’s Suede closed down last year, the bookers moved their extensive itinerary of touring shows to a spacious new joint (holds 1,000-plus) that begs comparisons to SLC’s late, still-very-lamented Zephyr Club. Sure, we’ve projected that about other clubs in the past, but The Paladium hits all the marks: Locals and nationals playing most nights of the week, killer sound, large stage, great sightlines, high ceilings, drink tabs that don’t require a second mortgage—best of all, no more excuses for missing that show because “it’s in Park City, man.”
615 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-521-4573,


Twilite Lounge
The Twilite Lounge, as one of the last champions of the people, is worthy of accolade for its truly democratic jukebox. Democratic because it’s completely free. And this hasn’t diminished the quality of free tunes provided either, with an eclectic mix from Tom Waits to AC/DC, the jukebox still provides great bar tunes with the only cost being you have to wait for your song to queue up … a small price to pay for jukebox tune equality wouldn’t you say?
347 S. 200 East, Salt Lake City, 801-532-9400

Harry O’s
Everybody who’s anybody goes to Harry O’s. So if, as you’re reading this, you find yourself at Park City’s big dance club/live music venue on Main, then QED: You’re somebody. The rest of us may be a little intimidated at first, but once we get used to the vibe, score a prime sofa position and check out the club’s top-drawer acts like 50 Cent, Maroon 5 and Berlin, it turns out we don’t feel like nobodies at all—and that’s a feeling everybody can enjoy.
427 Main, Park City, 435-655-7579,
2. Cisero’s
3. The Spur

ABG’s Libation Emporium
In a college town where the social scene revolves around ice cream parlors and disco-lighted bowling, it’s good to know there’s a quality bar holding down the fort for all the sinners in town. At ABG’s, patrons are treated to a quality spirits and beers, including high-point brews like San Francisco’s Anchor Steam, and Sierra Nevada pale ale, porter and stout. In the spirit of good Utah County frugality, no drink special at ABG’s runs over $3 and most specials go for $2 tops. With pool tables, jukebox, a nice long bar and friendly staff, ABG’s is just the oasis for anybody who ever spent a little time in Provo and thought, “God, I could use a drink.”
190 West Center, Provo, 801-373-1200,

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Trey Neeley, Port O’ Call
If you were to run up to most bartenders and ask for a couple of Quickfucks, an Alien Secretion and a Sexy Gator, you might get your teeth knocked in at worst, and, at best, just a blank stare as he or she gave an awkward glance around the bar looking for where the sexy gators are stored. But, ask veteran bartender Trey Neeley of Port O’ Call and she’ll tell you the price. Before you can pull your wallet out, a score of drinks materialize in front of you. It’s a miracle of nature to watch how this petite Japanese/Hawaiian barkeep can serve up drinks for a mob of surly drunks. But with more than a decade of club experience, she’s developed uncanny mixin’ and servin’ reflexes. Service with a smile, too, so long as you don’t tip with spare change. Oh, God help you if you do that …
78 W. 400 South, Salt Lake City, 801-521-0589,


Mystic Hot Springs
Just a coupla’ hours south is an odd little hippie joint that is both a natural hot pot and a concert venue housed in a small building on the property. In addition to a large main pool, old claw-foot bathtubs litter the hillside, providing a more private option for mineral-infused dipping. The best part is the hidden steamy cave—but you’ll have to find that on your own! Camping is available, and you might even catch a live show.
475 E. 100 North, Monroe, 435-527-3286,

Entourage Entertainment
So what if “Magic Man” is a horrible karaoke song? You have every right to sing it loud and proud, every night of the week. But let’s strike a compromise—hook up with Entourage Entertainment and follow the procurers of jukebox heroism on its rotating residencies at area bars (just to make sure the natives don’t get too restless). Owner Sam Spendlove understands your passion. He’s devoted his working life to ensuring the quality and longevity of your rock-star dreams—no matter how horrible you are at impersonating Heart.
2. Jackson the Karaoke Dude
3. Piper Down

Southern Exposure, Beck Street
While the discerning gentleman might argue that with a Utah strip-club experience, nothing goes better than cocktails and pasties, but Salt Lake City’s all-nude Southern Exposure on Beck Street gives bar-shy Jack Mormons reason to disagree. The soda’s on the house, and the dinner buffet and breakfast are complimentary—which makes sitting back and enjoying beautiful, naked, gyrating women a family affair once again. Dropping by during the weekdays is a good way to beat the crowds, like two-for one Tuesday nights (which won’t conflict with family home evening).
1737 Beck St., Salt Lake City, 801-355-1488

Rim Rock Patio
For locals and frequent out-of-town adventurers, the Rim Rock Patio is more than just a pit stop between Salt Lake City and Capitol Reef. Located on a scenic, sprawling 120-acre ranch in Torrey, Utah, the modest-sized café offers a low-key version of its sister restaurant’s gourmet menu, with tasty pizza pies taking center stage—that is, when touring bands or local musicians aren’t stealing the spotlight. In warmer weather, performers play outside before a breathtaking red-rock back drop. Have a seat, and one of the employees will bring you a pitcher on her trademark roller skates. During the winter—when Torrey largely shuts down—featured acts set up inside for intimate gigs. Keep an eye out for future shows. If you’re lucky, singer/songwriters David Williams, Wendy Ohlwiler or one of their many contemporaries will make an appearance.
3523 E. Utah Highway 24, Torrey, 888-447-4676,

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Posted // June 5,2008 at 13:20 Best Pool Bar is FATS! Are you kidding have you been there lately? Obviously not or someone paid you guys off. The tables are in crappy condition and falling apart! The pockets are barely hanging on and the table felt needs to be replaced. Yeah they have good food and stuff but the tables need some updating. BOO on you guys for a craptastic pick.


Posted // April 13,2008 at 16:19 I completely agree, Trails has completely gone down the tube. I would have to say that a well deserving Southern X posure needs this award. Trails is not what is was. at all.


Posted // April 7,2008 at 09:52 I don’t think nipple-pink was the pink they were referring to...


Posted // April 4,2008 at 09:14 No pink, no peace? Not all nipples are pink. The best are brown. Yes, even in Utah.


Posted // April 3,2008 at 08:39 I think Salt lake has got into a rut!! The new owner of Trails and Trails 2 has distroyed both clubs!! Yes some of the girls are beautiful but why have over 10 top girls quit over the last 6 months? hummm? Some other things to think about are.. the prices continue to creep up and up, weekdays you can hear tummble weed roll by ,and the re-model ,(excuse for the state shut-down) is a total flop.