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A New Identity

Would you trade your ethnicity?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // August 14,2013 -

Of all the world’s ethnicities, which would you trade for? If you wouldn’t trade, why?

Lindsay Fenton: As one of the chosen people, I love my Jewish heritage. Especially since it allows me to incorporate fun Yiddish and Hebrew phrases into my vocabulary (“oy vey” is a favorite). I’ve taught my gentile friends the importance of daily mitzvahs, and I throw a great annual Hanukkah party. I had my bat mitzvah in Israel and attended Hebrew school throughout my childhood, and my Jewish upbringing and family history and traditions are very important to me. L’chaim!

Derek Carlisle: I would love be able to rock a purple suit with yellow tie and still look sharp, but you can only pull that off if you’re black. White boy looks like a fool with that setup.

Rachel Piper: I wouldn’t switch (I’ve seen too many movies that explore the fallout of messing with reality like that), but I wish some of my ethnic roots weren’t so diluted. I come from French, German and, I think, Danish stock, but have no real connection to any of the cultural traditions or heritage.

Colin Wolf: Haha, what? I wouldn’t trade for an ethnicity. *Slowly hides beanie with sewn-on dreads hanging out the back.*

Kolbie Stonehocker: My ancestors came from the north, and I’m proud of my Scandinavian/German roots. I geek out over the awesome mythology: trolls, frost giants, valkyries, elves and dwarves, not to mention bad-ass gods like Odin and Thor.

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