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Posted // August 18,2013 at 20:24

Best Beer Fest in Utah ever, no matter how you spell it. For 5 hours of fun, we thought it was a bargain. Stay home next year, too, whiners!


Posted // August 16,2013 at 21:50

You spelled Deschutes, Samuel Adams, and Lagunitas all wrong. . . seems unfortunate and alarming for a newspaper.


Posted // August 12,2013 at 18:13

Here's how it is, guys. . . Let's have a beer festival in Utah, ok? This will be a fun place where we can sample a bunch of different beers all at one place. It will be a fun day where we can play by Utah's weird laws and get together and taste a variety of beer selections. Don't get worried about "so many dollars" for "so many ounces. " Come and drink beer with your friends, ok?


Posted // August 6,2013 at 14:12

I don't know what Richard is refering to paying $15 for a beer. Tokens are only $1 each and you can get a 12oz draft for 3 tokens ($3) and full strenth from 4-8 tokens which is cheaper than most festivals and the same or cheaper than any bar. Yes  there is an entrance fee and with that you get live bands , great food options and all the beers in one place not to mention rasing funds for an awesome charity. It's not like the location is free.


Posted // August 16,2013 at 14:36 - Amen Stephanie! If people need to get drunk every time they drink. . . don't come. . . stay home. You ruin it for the rest of us that want to hang out, sample a huge selection of beers, and have a good time.


Posted // August 3,2013 at 01:05

Nate has a point. A valid point. A sample at a beer here in utah will run u around two dollars. A sample tray usually runs about 8. Don't let anyone kid you, the samples you get at the salt lake beer festival are about exactly what you will get at a bar/microbrew here in utah (snowbird beer festival is muxh different. . . more beer way more beer per sample). So break it down. At the salt lake beer festival you are basically getting one beer for 15 bucks. . . not a deal. Obviously someone is pocketing a ton of money. The point of a microbrew festival is to get people interested in new beers. Payong fifteen bucks for 3-4 samples of beer isn't allowing people to do that. If your a true microbrew fan and not someone juat trying to "be seen"  out downtown this isn't the place for you. I'd you want the festival to grow and atteact more people. . . those who truly appreciate microbrews, either change the price or up the tokens. Allow people to try a qide variety of beers without breaking the bank. Isnt that the point of a beer festival. . . getting new people to try your product who would normally not take the risk.  Its a simple business decission. I know we can do so much better here in salt lake. We have such a great variety of local microbrews. . . .