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Public Transit Adventures

What’s the best or worst thing that’s happened to you while riding UTA?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // April 3,2013 - What’s the best or worst thing that’s happened to you while riding UTA?

Jackie Briggs: Some asshole swatted me with a rolled-up newspaper when I refused to make a payment of $1 to him. I calmly told him he’d get Mace in the face if this were to happen again.

Kolbie Stonehocker:
While I was riding TRAX home one day, a guy petted the top of my head as he got off the train. A guy I gave my number to ended up harassing me nonstop, and I eventually had to report him to the police. Horrors that makes me love my new bike even more.

Scott Renshaw: I liked the group on a December evening heading into downtown who started an entire train car singing Christmas carols. Locked away solo in your car, you miss that, along with the drunken crazies.

Colin Wolf: I was riding the bus near a guy  who was really impatient. Every time the bus stopped, he would yell, “Ugh, come on!” It didn’t matter what it was for. Red light: “Come on, let’s go!” A bus stop: “Aahhh, dammit!” Finally, we got to his stop and he hastily pushed his way off the bus and rode off on a mini BMX bike.

Susan Kruithof: Once I brought dollar bills that the machine wouldn’t take and walked up to a guy and asked if he had any quarters. He swapped me some quarters, then complimented me on my outfit and we struck up a convo. He later Facebook-friended me based on the info I gave him about working at City Weekly. Let’s just say it was my “lucky” day.

Rachel Piper: I love eavesdropping. My favorite was a guy in a suit who was having a particularly cryptic cell phone conversation. From what I could piece together, he was meeting someone to dig up something they’d buried together. I actually stealthily moved closer to where he was sitting so I could hear more.

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