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Coldest Beer Issue

Coldest Beer & Bar Guide 2012 Page 12

Cool clubs, cooler brews

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // July 19,2012 -

Downtown Duck-ins: Up North

Historic Place

While there is a jukebox, a sports-centric TV and even a small patio out back, most of the action at Historic Place takes place at the bar, where the bartender banters with the regulars stopping by for a quick pint on the way home from work. The name and kitschy neon signage act as a lure for visitors and tourists, as well, who can leave their mark on the bar by writing their names on dollar bills (bring more than one—it’s cash-only) to be added to the collection taped to the wall and ceiling. 162 25th St., Ogden, 801-394-6233

Lamplite Lounge

The Lamplite starts where 24th Street begins to ascend, so its patio gives a scenic look of a city that’s a work in progress. Inside, it’s clean, air-conditioned and well-lit. During City Weekly’s visit, the clientele broke into a brief, impromptu food fight that we’re told is uncommon but indicative of the camaraderie here. A full menu boasts delicious Greek souvlaki, as well as burgers, wings and plenty of fried foodstuffs. Fridays feature karaoke, and the many electronic darts machines are the center of attention on the Sunday/Thursday league nights. 455 24th St., Ogden, 801-399-3525 No. 1 Coldest Beer (tie)

Lighthouse Lounge

This big ol’ sports bar is beer-only, but promises “good times and good friends” to go with its frosted barley pops and eats, like the specialty stuffed burger. Its offerings include pool, darts, video games, television and—if you’ve guzzled a few and feel like bursting into song—there’s karaoke every Friday at 9 p.m. Regulars return for the aforementioned company and friendly wait staff. 130 25th St., Ogden, 801-392-3901

The Fifth

Just off of (or right before, depending) Exit 317 in Bountiful is this deceptively cool little place that the staff estimates is the third- or fourth-oldest watering hole in the state. It’s longer than it is deep, with a beautiful stone bar that stretches wide and stays strong in the face of bumping hip-hop bass. Regulars appreciate signature drinks like the Astro-Pop and take advantage of four nights of karaoke per week, with a Thursday “Powerball” jackpot for the winner. If you’re hungry, check out the hot gwack dog, which comes grilled with guacamole, cheese and onions. 980 N. 500 West, Bountiful, 801-295-9983

The Fifth


Tucked away just off of Logan’s Main Street, Mulligan’s is like Alice’s rabbit hole, where you can disappear for a few cold ones with friends you’ve yet to meet. The bar is tiny but well-stocked, and the room is spacious and inviting. After trying a Caitlin’s Candy, one of bartender Caitlin’s signature drinks, you can decide if Mulligan’s bartenders are, in fact, “the hottest,” as Caitlin claims. One caveat: Mulligan’s remains a private club … but its charms outweigh the membership fee. 33 Federal Ave., Logan, 435-752-5511 No. 10 Coldest Beer tie

Sandtrap Club

The staff here says, rather cryptically, that the a.m. and p.m. clientele is like “day and night.” We couldn’t stick around to compare and contrast the diurnal/nocturnal fauna, but here’s what we know: The dimly lit cubby hole has a late-’60s, early-’70s living/rumpus-room feel (they estimate it opened in 1968) with a big TV in the corner (and three more behind the bar), pool tables, Golden Tee and a pinball machine. The food is cheap, with $5 steaks or Philly cheesesteaks on Mondays and Saturdays and a weekend brunch (their Pancake shots probably pair well). There’s also live music Thursday through Monday. 2851 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-394-4446

Hidden Away But Worth Looking For

Bongo Lounge

Perhaps you’ve never noticed Bongo nestled among the fancy furniture stores on Highland Drive. Venture inside, though, and you’ll fall in love with this tidy, surprisingly awesome spot. A row of semi-private booths lines the north wall if you want to keep to yourself or your group, or there’s a three-sided bar centered on the east wall if you feel like socializing with the diverse crowd. Pool, video games, a dart board and a jukebox are there for your pleasure, and the bartender on duty says, “We have good, cheap drinks all the time.” 2965 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-466-1577

Corner Pocket

You could walk right by this place and not even know it’s there. But don’t let the lack of a sign scare you away. As one of the loyal patrons pointed out, “I come here because people don’t get rowdy.” And he’s right—this downtown neighborhood joint is full of friendly Tooeleans and cheap frosty suds. Besides the cold brews, try one of the signature shots, like the Sun-kissed Bomb (orange vodka, peach Schnapps and Red Bull). 48 E. Vine, Tooele, 435-882-2521 No. 1 Coldest Beer (tie)

Club Rendezvous

Be forewarned: As you walk through the triangle-shaped entrance of Club Rendezvous, if you ring the bell hung just above the antique-looking beer-cooler doors, you buy everyone a drink. A bartender related a story of a woman who decided to clang it and rang herself up a $400 bill—drinks for everyone playing darts and pool inside the joint as well as the horseshoe playin’ folks out on the lovely, huge patio. 1900 W. 4100 South, West Valley City, 801-972-4264

Do Drop Inn

The Do Drop Inn shares a signature drink with its neighbor, Linda Lou’s, located in the same building across from Hill Air Force Base. The MiG (dig the Air Force reference) contains Crown Royal, grape Pucker and Sprite and is popular among its patrons, who are mainly non-AF locals. Its other charms include a loud jukebox, foosball, “really good burgers,” friendly staff and frosty mugs, as well as occasional live music and open-mic nights. 2971 N. Hillfield Road, Layton, 801-776-9697

Donkey Tails Cantina

There’s a special kind of vibe to a place that decorates its pot shelves not with pots, but with motorcycles. This Draper lounge/sports bar caters to a casual after-work crowd attracted by the full menu of the attached Guadalahonky’s Mexican restaurant, plus daily specials like 50 cent taco Tuesdays. But you can also relax on the patio by the fire pit, or enjoy live acoustic-music performances on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for a completely different brand of relaxation. 136 E. 12300 South, Draper, 801-571-8134,

Down Under Club

This basement bar occupies the lower level of a building that also houses a Mexican restaurant and veterans’ hangout. Once inside, the atmosphere is so inviting you’ll forget you’re underground. Six TVs show sports and are “always on.” There’s also pool, shuffleboard, darts and video games, but the real fun is outside on the patio. With colorful Christmas lights strewn all over the tall wooden fence and awning—as well as Down Under’s own dedicated jukebox, this is one of the best, wonderfully divey patios in Utah. Down Under is known to stage goldfish races, and Lenny’s Café delivers food until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Exclaim your excitement by ordering Down Under’s signature cocktail, called Oh F—k Yeah. 544 W. 400 North, West Bountiful, 801-397-0758

Linda Lou’s Time for Two

Linda Lou’s is secreted behind another bar, the Do Drop Inn, which is behind a 7-11—so it’s a prime escape spot. Linda Lou’s shares a unique cocktail with the Do Drop called the MiG (INCOMING!) which mixes Crown Royal, grape Pucker and Sprite. It looks like your buddy’s basement bar, only it’s a lot bigger and, during the summer, sleepy. That’s a plus in our book because escape means escape, y’know? 2981 N. 350 West, Layton, 801-825-0311


Need a drink before or after a flight to strengthen your resolve? This airport-adjacent bar and grill offers a bounty of good grub and tasty beverages. Be advised, this is not just a fly-by drinking and dining spot—this place bustles with business travelers drawn in by the cold beer, tempting eats and pleasant attitude from the bar staff. 2106 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-741-1188

Lone Star Saloon

The old-timey tunes playing over the jukebox, dark wood and leather of the bar, cowboys-and-Indians decorations on the wall, vintage bar mirrors and liquor-brand signage all give this saloon a definitive Western feel. But one thing really seals the deal: The two or three bullet holes in the painted cowboy on the stage. But don’t worry—they’re merely from some cooks messing around after everyone had gone home. No messing around with this, either: Lone Star is definitely a place to seek out when you’re heading west. 3153 W. 2100 South, West Valley City, 801-972-0506

Old Towne Tavern

Wander down old Main Street in Midvale, and you’ll be transported to another time. An antique store and a baseball-card shop are just a couple of the memory-jogging places to visit on your way to a true old-school neighborhood tavern. While most of the clientele is foot traffic, we highly recommend you visit Old Towne Tavern by any means necessary. This place boasts a casual charm that you can’t find in many bars in the valley. Head out back for some horseshoes or one of the barbecue-smoker special events. 7662 S. Main, Midvale, 801-566-3172

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Utah's bar/club scene is laughable. The nightlife here sucks ass.  I mean, really? Who gives a shit about the temperature of watered down 3. 2 Utah horse piss?