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Coldest Beer Issue

Coldest Beer & Bar Guide 2012 Page 11

Cool clubs, cooler brews

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // July 19,2012 -

Granite Club

The Granite Club is a scruffy place in its golden years, a cool little dive in a nice part of town. There’s one pool table, one foosball table and a shuffleboard unit that’s lovingly maintained every two to four weeks—a point of pride with the staff. On Saturdays, there’s live acoustic music, and, during the summer, they’ll occasionally grill burgers on the back patio, which has serious tiki-bar potential. But, mostly, “We put the capital ‘D’ in ‘dive’!” says bartender Chance. 3820 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-277-9018 No. 6 Coldest Beer

Green Whale

Though it’s nestled just yards away from the South Ogden commercial paradise of the Newgate Mall and Costco, the Green Whale is about as low-key of a hangout you can get. There’s a poker table, but no specific poker night—just stop by if you want to start a game. An ancient TV behind the bar is tuned to the programming of the bartender’s choice—when City Weekly stopped by, it was a highly addictive true-crime channel. It’s the perfect place to duck into to escape the hustle and bustle of Riverdale Road. 3576 Riverdale Road, South Ogden

Jackalope Lounge

A shrine to irreverence, you’ll be overwhelmed by kitsch and contradictions at the Jackalope Lounge (more bar than lounge, at that). Stuffed jackalopes and crushed beer cans wear antlers on wall mounts, but the flippant atmosphere belies a serious devotion to crafting good times for all comers. DJs man the turntables from Thursday to Saturday, the kitchen offers savory sandwiches, and for $6, you can guzzle a High Life ($1) and a shot of Jim Beam ($2) and Jager ($3). An odd medley but somehow, here, it works. 372 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-359-8054,

O’Shucks Bar & Grill

From the peanut shells on the floor to the cheerfully loud staff, O’Shucks takes pride in being Park City’s only dive bar. They’re all about taking care of the locals with unpretentious food—burgers with cheddar or Swiss for $3, for example, everyday till 5 p.m.—and drinks, like the Cowboy, which involves a refreshing mix of Coke and 151 Rum. This is where you come to drink and chew the fat with—or spill your guts to—sympathetic bar staff. 427 Main, Park City 435-645-3999

Old Man’s Saloon

Sports are king here, as evidenced by the trophy and memorabilia cases near the front door. Old Man’s Saloon boasts pretty good softball and bowling squads—and clientele who love their Utah Jazz (so many bobbleheads). It’s a family-style joint, in that the staff hangs around even during their off hours. The long bar usually accommodates everyone, but overflow can belly up to high tables with padded rails and shoot either pool or the proverbial substance. 215 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-399-3231

Swedetown Pub

This Beck Street bar is a great industrial-neighborhood joint where even a stranger can drink like a local. Cheap brews will keep you rooted to your barstool and allow you to appreciate a slower, more contemplative drinking pace. It’s the kind of environment where drinking and thinking aren’t interrupted by noise and distractions, other than perhaps the clack of the odd pool ball. 1461 Beck St., Salt Lake City, 801-532-9282

Three Alarm Saloon

Don’t stand too close to the bar when the alarm sounds at the Three Alarm Saloon; you’re apt to singe your eyebrows. The fire-breathing bartenders will put on a show for you unlike any other. If it gets too hot inside, head out to the patio, where you can sit under the sky or avoid the rays in a covered spot. If you get there after the kitchen closes—or get hungry after last call—the $1 tacos at the taco cart outside are among the best in town. 7273 S. State, Midvale, 801-562-5252


A host of regulars dot this small bar on any given night. Quietly tucked away next to Big City Bowl, it’s a great place to celebrate after throwing down the turkeys or, alternatively, to drown your gutterball sorrows. Maybe bowling isn’t your thing? Try your pool-shark skills at one of the bi-monthly pool tournaments. 8000 S. State, Midvale, 801-562-1775

Downtown Duck-ins: SLC

Bourbon House

What makes the Bourbon House (in the basement space that was originally the infamous D.B. Cooper’s and, later, Monk’s House of Jazz) the watering hole of choice for downtown dwellers and workers? The bar’s after-work crowd and weekender devotees would likely echo a bartender’s unofficial slogan: “Same prices, better bar.” We echo that. No dive itself, Bourbon House has dive prices but also delicious daily food and drink specials, as well as a full menu, plus modern, upscale décor in an underground tavern atmosphere. And it doesn’t stop there: The Bourbon House also offers ample pool tables, karaoke, live music and DJs—oh, and Olympia beer. Cool squared. 19 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-746-1005, No. 4 Coldest Beer

Cheers To You

Cheers takes enormous and well-deserved pride in its solidified status as a neighborhood bar. Across the sizable counter, bartenders and patrons hold conversations that occasionally drown out the plentiful TVs and jukebox jams. Outsiders can walk into the pub and easily find themselves pulled into the camaraderie. Rely on Cheers for free pool on Thursdays, acclaimed karaoke on Fridays and an always inviting, unpretentious air. 315 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-575-6400

Murphy’s Bar & Grill

The bartenders at Murphy’s will serve not only just about any kamikaze you can dream up (even a Jameson kamikaze), but they will also pour cold drafts from near and far including, naturally, from the Emerald Isle. This nearly subterranean lair has a quiet lounge feel for post-work drinkers but become lively by night. Don’t forget to order a specialty burger or a platter of spaghetti (though it’s not “Irish” spaghetti). 160 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-359-7271,


Long before the new City Creek mall, right across the street, was even conceived, a small basement bar beneath a beautiful redstone began what is now one of its defining factors: a friendly attitude. It’s not just the outgoing bartenders that make O’Shucks feel like home, but the talkative regulars who want everyone to have a good time. Stop by on a Wednesday night to pick up a schooner (a big-ass goblet of beer) or half-pound burger for only $5. O’Shucks shares space with Ahh Sushi, so you can also trade your suds for some sake and seafood. 22 E. 100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-596-8600

The Republican

“Irish” isn’t just a theme here that turns the place into St. Patrick’s Day Disneyland. This is the kind of pub where the regulars can enjoy a game of real steel-tip darts between pints, where the TV shows European soccer matches (when it’s not time for a Real Salt Lake watch party) and where the friendly regulars help ensure (in the words of one bartender) “no drama.” Enjoy the weekly Monday-night pub quiz—or, if your heart can take it, Free Bacon Wednesdays. 917 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-595-1916

The Spot

From one angle, it seems like a place out of time, with a ‘60s-ish exterior outside and black booths and lava lamps inside. Yet it’s also the kind of place where a cooler in the corner boasts an array of high-end beers like Gulden Draak from Belgium or the X96 Radio from Hell Red as Hell Ale. That juxtaposition perfectly fits a clientele that mixes an after-work crowd of neighborhood professionals (including local musicians taking a break from rehearsing at the nearby Downtown Music warehouse), post-Bees-game sports fans and younger regulars getting their weekend on. 870 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-355-7768

Wasted Space Bar

Open seven days a week, Wasted Space is a tree-shrouded State Street watering hole, whose powerful air conditioners and $2 shots all day, every day, make it a perfect after-work destination. Wasted Space regularly features DJs and live music of every genre on a small stage in the middle of the bar, as well as karaoke on Mondays. 342 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-792-3271,

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Posted // July 23,2012 at 17:02

Utah's bar/club scene is laughable. The nightlife here sucks ass.  I mean, really? Who gives a shit about the temperature of watered down 3. 2 Utah horse piss?