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Out of Box Artist

Tony Poulson

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // June 26,2012 -

Tony Poulson was born and raises in the SL valley.  Doodling in class was probably one of the biggest factors in keeping his focus.  That translated to a lot of drawings throughout his younger years.  His first front page drawing for his school newspaper was printed in 7th grade and from there he was hooked on showcasing his work to the masses.  This later on led to a college career at the University of Utah Daily Utah Chronicle as the Cartoon Editor spreading his humor and opinion with his take on the political system and other school topics via his art.  Tony then made the national spotlight with some top awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and, while a complete honor, knew that editorial cartooning wasn’t for the long term.  He graduated with his BA in Interpersonal Communication in 2007.  After college he set off into the world of decorative painting where his work can be seen at the newly renovated Utah State capitol and the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He still resides in Salt Lake with his wife, the local lovely, and their 4 cats.  His mural work can be seen around the SL valley and he can be reached through his website:

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Posted // January 24,2013 at 18:13

Tony did my son Oliver's name with a monster to go with each letter.  He did an amazing job! I love each piece. The monsters are so creative. You can see the pride he takes in his work, each one is perfectly drawn and colored. He also wrote a story about each character on the back of the drawing. I'm looking forward to reading the stories to Oliver when he's older. I know he will enjoy & appreciate these amazing pieces of artwork the same way I do.