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Staff Box

Will Equality Ever Happen?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // April 26,2012 -

Do you think men and women will ever be truly equal in the workplace and in the world?

Colin Wolf: I think it will happen someday, but it might happen faster if women followed prison rules and kicked someone’s ass the first day of work.

Derek Carlisle: I do think The Female World Cup is far superior to the overacting crybaby male version, if that means anything.

Eric Peterson: Yes, yes I do. But in the kind of world where the planet is overrun by Terminators or the spiders from Mars, and the workplace is us having to put aside all of our earthly divisions to fight for humanity’s survival.

Kathy Mueller: No, women will continue to be far superior.

Rachel Scott: I would sure hope so, or what in the hell have we been working so hard for all these years? But the way women’s rights are going down the toilet, who knows!

Rachel Piper: I think men and women are creeping closer to equality, but in the workforce—Utah’s, at least—there’s still a lot of favoritism displayed toward “family men.” These family dudes get all the hours because they’re supporting a family—and, conversely, they also get all the time off they need to spend with sick kids/spouses. Meanwhile, their single—or childless—co-workers are working nights and holidays because, hell, they don’t have kids and therefore must not have lives worth living.

Scott Renshaw: Only if men get smarter, amirite ladies?

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