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Out of Box Artist

Derek Carlisle

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // June 24,2011 -

Intuitive artist. I find a great way to spend a day is grabbing a newspaper stand and throwing paint all over it. I’ve been drawing and painting since I can remember, never thought of taking classes I just paint what I want. Highly inspired by O’Keeffe and Dali, I am drawn towards the melting flow of oils on canvas. For the most part I have been painting what’s in my head and only within the last 3 years have I began to try the anatomy, a most fascinating subject matter. Always looking for a challenge, I picked this box up and found that oils are not an option on metal surfaces - So this is a first time with acrylics and I hope you enjoy. The subject matter is awareness - I have the “hear no, speak no” thought going on to reflect what independent news allows us not to be, ignorant. News is and should be important. It has become full of fluff, I’m glad CW is here to give SLC informative and researched stories to keep us out of the bubble. Look for more of mine at Art Adoptions and local businesses and a photo slide here.

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Located at Eggs in the City: 1675 East 1300 South - click below for directions


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