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Out of Box Artist

David Born

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // June 24,2011 -

David’s imagination-based art is an unrequited addiction. Over a decade in design and photography has allowed him to forge a signature to his life-inspired art. Stemming from photographs, passing strangers, song lyrics, fleeting thoughts, his work is a visual way to describe what cannot be conveyed vocally. David is an entrepreneur, published author, self-proclaimed foodie, occasional DJ, and has done everything from working in courthouses, teaching high school, real estate, massage, and something about a flying Elvis. He now owns F1ND Skate Couture, promoting local artists on skate decks, and Artshare International, publishing art books for schools around the globe.
His multiple passions are as layered and colorful as the art he provides us, and every piece brings him closer to the goal of displaying his creativity globally and continuing to push and promote other creative jerks around him. “I’m not riding a bicycle towards creative success, I’m driving a big yellow bus and inviting everyone to come along.”

Located at the Broadway Theatre:111 East Broadway - click below for directions


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