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More Frightening Than a Clown

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // May 25,2011 - Which is more frightening—Ronald McDonald and Bozo or Utah Senators Michael Waddoups and John Valentine?

Scott Renshaw: At least one set of clowns puts on makeup so you know to avoid them.

Dan Nailen:
I’m not afraid of clowns—unless they’re elected by my fellow Utahns.

Erik Daenitz: Waddoups and Valentine are more scary because the characters they have crafted purport to be real.

Derek Carlisle:
As a people we can march, vote and if all fails riot but nobody knows what Grimus is or how to defend against it.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I wish John Valentine and Michael Waddoups were clowns. Because then I might be able to chalk up their political antics to some ridiculous, fantastical, load-of-malarkey circus act. Or at least hurl popcorn at them.

Rachel Piper: Normally, nothing makes me more nervous than a man who has lots of power and many suits, but I make an exception for clowns—a way-too-young viewing of It left me with a searing fear of clowns, sewers and giant spiders.

Bryan Mannos: The clowns!  Between Ronald’s bovinely smirk and Bozo’s gaping maw, I’d take a scout trip with the senators any day ...

Alissa Wells: It could be Satan himself and I would still choose clowns as more frightening. I. Hate. Clowns.

Austen Diamond: Please don’t speak of the-one-with-the-painted-face ... either of them. (Cringe)
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