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The LDS Presidential Brand

Also: Sexy Not Illegal, Valley Mental Health

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // May 25,2011 -


SMILEY.jpgThe Mormon Brand
Homeboys Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. are bringing the Mormon clean-cut, scandal-free brand to the field of GOP presidential hopefuls, with Huntsman’s articulate stances, in particular, generating a rather heady buzz from the pundits. Those who “knew him when,” though, be warned: Huntsman is shedding his “governor” skin, including his support of cap and trade, state health reform that included an individual mandate, and the federal stimulus (though he has yet to back away from gay civil unions). According to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, such flip-flopping is proof he is in the race to win—something most of us would still drink to—and thanks to his 2009 liquor reforms, it’s now easier to do. (Jerre Wroble)

SAD.jpgMaddening Practices

Valley Mental Health’s well-publicized troubles hit a new low recently with the news that some of its own doctors want the private nonprofit’s executive leadership replaced. After recent cost cutting and layoffs allegedly left some patients without care, staff complained to Valley’s board. The board’s response was, however, to endorse Valley CEO Debra Falvo, and they even reportedly asked employees for a thumbs-up for management. Instead of shaking up the very leadership whose highhandedness led Salt Lake County to switch control of its $50 million contract to OptumHealth, triggering the current crisis, the board seems content that Falvo and her team stay on the bridge even as her ship runs aground. (Stephen Dark)

SAD.jpgSexy Is As Sexy Does
Good intentions may not be reason enough to clamp down on the First Amendment. According to the Associated Press, undercover cops complain that when they go after prostitutes, they are often asked to do unseemly things to prove they aren’t cops. So to keep cops from getting into compromising positions, lawmakers and Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank decided to broaden the definition of prostitution and make lewd behavior—essentially “acting sexy”—illegal. If cops wanted to go by the books, the law could be used against strippers and escorts not engaged in prostitution. Burbank promises they won’t use it to harass legitimate businesses, but at least two escort services don’t trust him. They’ve filed federal lawsuits to halt the law. (JW)

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Posted // May 26,2011 at 16:34

Duwayne, you play the role of contrarian and victim with such zeal. And you do it so prolificly.


Posted // May 26,2011 at 07:56

The Mormon "brand" is scandal free? Really? You've never heard about Prop 8, and illegal campaigning by the LDS Church?

How about BYU firing feminist professors? Any scandal there?

How about the LDS Church firing employees that don't pay tithing to the church? Any scandal there?

I suppose if your "moral values" are equivalent to "I know the church is true," then your church is never involved in a scandal. But for those with a more "moral" set of "moral values," the LDS Church is hardly "scandal free."

Duwayne Anderson

Author of .... can't say the name of the book or Mormons will (and have) try to censor my posts (censorship -- another example of Mormon scandal)


Posted // May 25,2011 at 20:06

"Acting Sexy"???

Arrest every 14 yr old in a bikini down at the Raging Waters.