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Staff Box

What secret would you like to know about your favorite Utah legislator?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // March 23,2011 - Bill Frost: So when did you stop beating your wife?

Erik Daenitz: I want to know when we’ll get the release of John Dougall’s new music video, “Teach me how to Dougall.”

Jerre Wroble: Who do you take your marching orders from? If we find out that it’s not your constituents, then we could finally dispense with the annual dog and pony show at the Capitol altogether.

Eric S. Peterson: They say 80 percent of legislators are Mormon. I’d like to know what percentage of them are Jack Mormon, because really, I think those are the unifier lawmakers I’d most like to support.

Scott Renshaw: Boxers, briefs or “commando”?

Dan Nailen: I’d ask Carl Wimmer for the secret behind that stylin’ ‘stache.

Rachel Piper: What’s their secret to earning enough money to run for office? I don’t want to enter the political sphere, but I need more dough to support my extravagant lifestyle.

Nick Clark: Who does your hair? That stylist has done a remarkable job of hiding your horns.

Jesse Fruhwirth: What is the most severe criminal law you have secretly violated?

Rachel Scott: I would like to know how many ounces of Diet Coke they drink a day and if they like it with a wedge of lemon or lime.

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Posted // March 23,2011 at 12:31

If it's true that Carl Wimmer was a South African pig farmer who kept illegal slaves and is in a witness relocation program after cutting a deal with prosecutors in the Hague and testifying against his buddies in the secret police for crimes committed during apartheid. He figured that carrying a gun and posing as a pig farmer from Herriman, Utah, would make a great cover.

Ooops. Sorry, more to the point, I want to know how he makes a living as a "bodybuilder" and gun permit instructor. Those aren't typically sustainable breadwinner roles.