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Mystical Buildings

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // October 20,2010 - What building or place in Utah gives off a mystical vibe to you?

Christopher Westergard: My bedroom, ’cause that’s where the magic happens.

Rachel Scott: Gilgal Gardens. But that may be because I dropped acid there once and took a bunch of crazy photos.

Amanda Salazar: The top of the Cirque at Snowbird on a pow day, especially when there is no sign of the snow stopping. It doesn’t get much more mystical for me.

John Paul Brophy: Since the Summum Pyramid was the first thing I saw after surviving a rollover accident on Interstate 15 one night, I have to admit to getting a bit of a vibe from it.

Rachel Piper: That creepy abandoned castle on 300 West and 1300 South. What the heck goes on in there?

Bryan Mannos: Goblin Valley in a rainstorm. Freaky stuff.

Scott Renshaw: If we’re talking about a place where events take place that are inexplicable using normal human standards of reason ... I’ll go with the Capitol.

Jesse Fruhwirth: The Bonneville Salt Flats feel haunted by the Donner Party. Imagine being hungry and surrounded by salt. I’d be a pissed-off ghost, too.

Max Goff:
Sweeping the southern edge of Utah, the Navajo Nation encompasses much of northern Arizona and parts of New Mexico. Hopi Land is the bull's-eye of the Navajo Nation. My vision quest led me there, and it was there I found my vision. Hopi Land is filled with land spirits. The Navajo Nation shares their company.

Ted Scheffler: For me, staring down into the Baldy Chutes from Alta’s Mount Baldy is pretty mystical.

Lia Pretorius: The beautiful, gothic City & County building. I drive by it every day in awe and am dying for a full tour. I think this building is the next logical filming site for another much-needed Ghost Busters sequel.
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Posted // October 25,2010 at 14:22

I applaud the politically correct efforts of the Staff in not mentioning the one, scary, mystical building that is directly north about 1 1/2 blocks from your offices, The Salt Lake LDS Temple, or, as we grizzled old-timers like to call it, Count Chocula's Castle.

I mean, Sweet Jesus people! There's a solid gold bull-fountain in the basement! A bull with water fountain-tits! Talk about worshipping false idols! Talk about a bull with tits!

And with Utah marriages failing at a rate just under the national average, a consumer concern should be about the actual warranty period of a Temple marriage that's supposed to last an "eternity."I would want my tithing money back as part of any divorce settlement.