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What Makes CW Weird

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // October 13,2010 - What makes you weird?

Bryan Mannos: The company I keep.

Susan Kruithof: I pinch my arm. Some people tap their leg, click a pen, or twirl their hair. My nervous habit is pinching my right arm. So much so that it has no feeling. Gross and yes, weird, I know.

Dan Nailen: Certainly not my complete collection of serial killer and gangster trading cards.

Ted Scheffler: You mean besides simultaneously
loving Elvis, Cheap Trick, Tom Waits, Uriah Heep, Bruce Springsteen and Insane Clown Posse?

Rachel Piper: I hate kids, but I love children’s books, Disney movies, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. I’m the female Michael Jackson without the musical talent (or the creepiness, I hope).

Scott Renshaw: There are some things even this paper can’t print.

Eric S. Peterson: Sometimes when I meet new people and am trying to make a good impression, I get a sudden fear that I will spontanesouly develop Tourette syndrome and start shouting profanities at them for no reason. Then I think how awkward that would be and lose track of what they’re saying.

Rachel Scott: My extensive collection of Star Trek TNG memorabilia.

Bryan Bale: The reason people perceive me as weird is because of my severe social ineptitude. The reason I’m actually weird is because I’m a borderline genius with mild retardation.

Lacey Nabozny: I have a “weird” obsession with men’s armpits and their deodorants.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I think the United States will experience an economic collapse around 2020 similar to the one in the USSR had in the 1990s. That used to make me weird, but as years pass, more people seem to agree.
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Posted // October 13,2010 at 14:55

I can't believe no one asked Rizzi. That would a be peek into the dark abyss. Probably something like the introduction Dr. Evil gives in group therapy in Austin Powers. Damn!

Jesse, I just watched a great documentary on this quasi-spiritual, Messianic-idiot in New Mexico who predicted to his 50 followers living with him in the stix that the world would end at midnight on October 31, 2007.

Showed them walking down the road with flashlights attached to their caps like mountaineers, waiting for the end. They were clapping and cheering and hugging one another and then. . .nothing happened at midnight.

So, naturally, they began cheering and clapping and hugging each other again and saying that it was because their messiah, the idiot who predicted the end of the world, stopped it. WTF?!?! He apparently didn't tell them he was going to stop it.

I mean, like some of my LDS friends find themselves these days, they have nowhere else to go, so they just switched realities. It wasn't like they were going to go,"What the Hell? What do you mean you stopped it? I feel so silly! Sally, get the motorhome keys, we are out of here!"

My point, beleive it or not, is to be careful with dire predictions. They rarely, if ever, come true. You need to hurry and start your own church with people stupid enough to think that you somehow saved the world when your prediction doesn't pan out.