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Best Columnist

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // August 11,2010 -

Who is your favorite columnist, reporter or writer?

Jesse Fruhwirth: Too many to name, but Camile Paglia, Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens and Robert Fisk come to mind. Oh, and Perez Hilton.

Bill Frost: Tim Goodman, television critic for the San Francisco Chronicle—he’s The Only Other TV Columnist That Matters.

Ted Scheffler: Most people don’t think of him as a reporter or columnist, but that’s how he began. My favorite writer is Gabriel García Márquez.

Dan Nailen: James Lee Burke writes fiction with a reporter’s eye for detail and lyricist’s ability to create evocative prose, whether describing a mountain valley in Montana or a murder scene in the Big Easy.

Nick Clark: I’m a big fan of John Oliver. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of foreign eyes to put your national news into perspective.

Pete Saltas: I used to look forward to Rick Reilly’s column in Sports Illustrated. Not because it was in SI, but because he always found ways to relate real-life issues to sports. An article he wrote once prompted me to donate to “Nothing But Nets” to help curb malaria in Africa—not too shabby for a sports columnist.

Rachel Hanson: Mark Harris, for his unique, insightful take on pop culture, politics, movies and TV.

Rebecca Andrus: The spawn of writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and designer/heiress/author Gloria Vanderbilt: the award-winning, illustrious, brilliant humanitarian Anderson Cooper. Cooper writes and reports from a raw perspective that could only come from a man who has suffered many hardships and successes in life, and I respect him greatly.

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Posted // August 13,2010 at 16:27

Hunter Thompson (Pete, check out his sports reporting), Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens, Poe, Matt Tiabbi, Stephen King, Michael Crichton.