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Favorite News Sites

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // August 4,2010 - What is your favorite Internet news site and why?

Cody Winget:
The Onion—it is America’s finest news source. It’s totally unbiased; it takes shots at everything and everybody.

Nick Clark:
The Huffington Post helps me swallow the nasty news by mixing in viral videos of cats.

Rachel Scott:
I like NYTimes and BBC the best. NYTimes is good for culture, art and science news, while BBC is great because it gives a fresh, un-American perspective on world news.

Rachel Hanson:
Entertainment Weekly. It distracts me from the depressing news of the day with happy, relevent news, like the fact that Jason Priestly and Luke Perry are reuniting on a Hallmark Channel Western movie.

Christopher Westergard:
I feel like this is a trick question. If I don’t say CityWeekly, will I be fired? My favorite online news site is It has a great fusion of relevant news and a splash of zany random news. Plus there are lots of pretty pictures.

Derek Jones:
Twitter, because content is delivered to me as well as the occasional poop joke from Sarah Silverman.

Jerre Wroble:
I’m obviously partial to But the Google News aggregator is a staple that can be customized to individual interests. and (which aggregates news from alt-weekly papers across the country) are always invigorating when rounded out with a brief visit to—which I now see is something my boss does. Great minds “surf” alike.
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