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Staff Box

Bakery & Beer Haikus

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // July 21,2010 -

Write a haiku on your favorite local bakery item (or favorite local beer).

Derek Carlisle
Oh, you mighty stout
You’re better for my breakfast
Why such a bastard?

Susan Kruithof
Double IPA
I worship you Hop Rising
Bitter Happiness

John Paul Brophy
Out-of-this-world cake . . .
Mrs. Backer’s always sends me into orbit.
May be the rum filling?

Dan Nailen
Oh, kouing aman
you are so tasty and sweet
why so damn pricey?

Nick Clark
Oh, apple fritter
How your goodness taunts me so
You test my resolve

Bryan Mannos
Kouing-aman unreal
Les Madeleines sells like crack
out 5 bucks again

Rachel Scott
Mmm frothy goodness
How I love thee, Summer ales
And pair with bacon!

Scott Renshaw
Oh! Banbury Cross donuts
Your fluffy sweetness
Obviates healthy breakfast

Steven Wells
Taste this cannoli
my Italian creme filled treat
need a warm towelette

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