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Utah's Coldest Beer: The Bars Page all

By City Weekly Staff
Photo by Niki Chan // 5 Monkeys
Posted // July 21,2010 -

28.8degree2.jpg 5 Monkeys
Tucked just west of State Street in Murray, 5 Monkeys sports a colorful jungle-themed graffiti mural outside and a clean, air-conditioned interior. Patrons like Aubre Williams and Chelsea Riddle (above) and Alejandro Reyes, Pedro Gomez and Greg Vigil (below) may break a sweat playing foosball or pool, or consuming owner Ryan’s tasty Monkey Wings—slathered in what he allowed City Weekly to dub “monkey sauce”—but that’s easily remedied by the cold draft beer, which arrived with a thin layer of ice beneath the foam. 7 E. 4800 South, Murray, 801-266-1885,


29.3degree2.jpg Leprechaun Inn
The Leprechaun Inn is the quintessential neighborhood bar. Nestled in the Ivy Place strip mall, you'll find a hideaway featuring a cheap jukebox with music you’ll actually want to hear, darts and pool games with worthy opponents, and very, very, very cold beer. Watching a game on one of several TVs with a brain freeze makes it more enjoyable, anyhow. 4700 S. 900 East, No. 6, Salt Lake City, 801-268-3294

29.5degree2.jpg Venus Club
Looking for a man cave where women are most definitely welcome? This cozy hideaway has been around for 30 years, so if you’re a regular, the bartender not only knows your name, but what you drink, including damned cold beer. The action picks up on weekends with a DJ and tunes, as well as karaoke. The back porch is full of comfy couches overlooking the horseshoe court in the backyard. Once a month, a mechanical bull is brought in to deliver complimentary whiplashes. 105 N. Broadway, Tooele, 435-882-4661

30.9degree2.jpg Barbary Coast
The only Salt Lake City bar that we know of guarded by an elk skull, the Barbary Coast isn’t just for bikers. This place packs it in for Monday Night Football like few sports bars can. If the pigskin isn’t your thing, try one of the amazing 1/2-pound burgers on their open-air, covered patio—even in the rain. 4242 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-265-9889

32.2degree2.jpg Duces Wild
Coming from a 30-degree cooler, slushy beer libations are quite cold at this homey strip club. Customers might think the only “two points” are the above-bar antlers until exotic dancers take the conspicuous stage. “It’s like Cheers with boobs,” says bartender Liz Burkholder of the cozy feel. When business is slow, the dancers sing along—a karaoke cabaret. 2750 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-467-4600,

32.5degree2.jpg Batters Up
It may look like a warehouse from the outside, but Batters Up is a surprisingly roomy sports bar inside. Divided into multiple rooms, there are places for pool players and dart throwers, those who want to sidle up to the bar or those who want to watch sports—including Ultimate Fighting Championship on the big-screen. Batters Up also has an extensive menu, including breakfast starting at 10 a.m., with daily drink and food specials. 1717 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-463-4996

32.6degree2.jpg Legends Sports Bar
With handsome décor, free pool tables, free Wii, occasional fitness pole-dancing events, large food menu and an attentive staff, Legends is a sports bar and restaurant any beer drinker would love. Just a year old, Legends’ Website asks, “Why Legends?” With so much to offer, a better question is, why not Legends? 677 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-355-3598,

32.7degree2.jpg Rock Bottom Bar & Grill
Don’t let the weathered countenance and titular allusion to hard luck fool you: Rock Bottom is a deceptively spacious cubbyhole in which to disappear—especially on Sundays and Mondays, when the pool is free and PBR is only $2. Although currently without a grill, there is a vending machine with snacks. 7642 S. State, Midvale, 801-707-2435

32.7degree2.jpg Club Try-Angles
One of the few remaining clubs that are legitimately private, Try-Angles is one of the oldest gay bars in the Salt Lake Valley. Inside is a large bar and pool tables, while outside is a spacious patio. Try-Angles doesn’t serve food, but it can be ordered from the Off Trax Cafe, located next door. 251 W. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-3203,

32.8degree2.jpg Duffy’s Tavern
This is a neighborhood tavern like those found in the Midwest—right down to the “Old Style” neon sign in the window. Customers can sit at the bar or in one of the many red “pleather” booths. There are plenty of cheap macros, but there’s also a microbrew on a nitro tap. Duffy’s also offers sandwiches and pizza, all made in-house from scratch. 932 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-355-6401

33.5degree2.jpg La Sabre
Cowboy up to one of Utah’s unique bars at La Sabre. The walls are decorated with German beer steins, John Wayne dinner plates, cowboy spurs and enough antique Winchester rifles to re-enact the gunfight of the O.K. Corral. Bar snacks include all things pickled: cukes, eggs, pigs feet or turkey gizzard, to be washed down with some of the frostiest beer in Utah County. 44 N. Merchant, American Fork, 801-492-7760

33.6degree2.jpg Scorez
This comfy sports bar is all about beer-fueled tournaments and fun, including twice-weekly pool tournaments, a Wednesday shuffleboard tournament and a Saturday-afternoon barbecue-with-horseshoes tournament. Scorez also has karaoke during the week and live bands on the weekends, along with frosted mugs to keep your brew cool when the weather isn’t. 571 N. State, Lehi, 801-768-9085

34.1degree2.jpg Keys on Main
You can hear the dueling pianos the moment you step off the train for a night at Keys on Main. Utah’s popular downtown piano bar by the Gallivan Center TRAX stop also hosts open-mic night Mondays and karaoke on Tuesdays. Keys has a large room and two bars, so big parties are easily accommodated on weekdays, though it gets packed on weekends. It’s a good idea to reserve a table in advance. 242 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-363-3683,

34.1degree2.jpg Club Mixed Emotions
Many a Salt Laker traveling State Street has passed Mixed Emotions and wondered what, exactly, the bar in the beige building offers. Well, it’s pretty simple: Plenty of seating, lots of beer options, pool, darts and video games. It’s the kind of bar best suited to a few drinks (as opposed to just one) after work or on the weekends. 1030 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-355-8055

34.4degree2.jpg J & J Lounge
The J and J stand for Jack and Jeannette, old-time proprietors who work diligently to keep the suds cool and chow warm in historic Tooele. Located across the street from the Tooele Valley Railroad Museum, J & J opens at 10 a.m. for breakfast and then heaps up hearty pub food including a daily special Monday through Friday. Weekend fare leans toward fried snacks. From the hunting motif wallpaper to the sports-car paraphernalia to games and races on flat-screen TVs, this place just shouts “Tooele,” filling up with friendly locals seven days a week. 46 N. Broadway, Tooele, 435-882-7605

34.5degree2.jpg Gracie’s
With perhaps the greatest patio view of downtown’s skyline, Gracie’s is one of the most comfortable, casual restaurant/bars downtown, an inviting spot to take your out-of-town guests to. Gracie’s features live music, often jazz, almost every night of the week—especially in the summer. 326 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-819-7565,

34.6degree2.jpg Club Edge
The party never stops at this dance club, where the beers are cold and the bartenders are hot. The main space is taken up by a dance floor, but there are a few booths featuring comfy couches. Edge has new DJs always heating up the dance floor, and it’s easy to take a break on the club’s patio. 615 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-410-4637

34.9degree2.jpg AJ’s Lounge
Next to an overpass, up against the railroad tracks, this may be the most unknown little bar in Salt Lake City. The easiest way to get there is to travel west on 200 South until it veers south; AJ’s unassuming exterior pops up just before 200 South goes under Interstate 80. Once inside, it’s surprisingly lively, with a weekend DJ, dance floor, pool table, and a Toulouse Lautrec-style mural of the bar crowd painted by a regular. Go there weekdays for a mouthwatering Cuban sandwich. It’s simply unbeatable. 1440 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-230-6124

34.9degree2.jpg The Puck
Long a post-game or post-concert stop, the Maverik Center-adjacent Puck is one of Utah’s premier sports bars, with nearly 50 TVs, including some that flirt with dollar-cinema size. It also offers better than the usual pub grub, so you and your football buds will feast well here on packed Sundays. 3396 S. Decker Lake Drive, West Valley City, 801-975-7825,

34.9degree2.jpg X-Wife’s Place
A perfect place for a casual night, this place has a few pool tables, a rocking jukebox, plenty of TVs and nice little dart room/loft. Make sure to sneak out to the back patio and enjoy the tropical wall painting. You’ll be treated like a regular—even if you aren’t one—by the great staff. But remember to bring cash because they do not accept credit cards. 465 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City, 801-532-1954

35.0degree2.jpg Pinky’s
How do you get a bunch of bikers to tolerate the color pink? Make it relatable. Pinky’s does this by hiring young ladies to undress and undulate around something resembling a chrome ding-a-ling. Surprise: It works. But just in case, this strip club is staffed with friendly folks who’ll gladly bring you a juicy burger and a cold one while you ogle the talent. 4141 S. State, Murray, 801-261-3463,

35.0degree2.jpg Cruzrs Saloon
Cruzrs wears its biker-bar bona fides proudly, with a pair of motorcycles parked right in the middle of the stage area. Pub food, pinball machines and pool tables (the latter free on Wednesdays and Thursdays) blend with an Internet jukebox for a spot that’s just the right mix of old-school and contemporary. 3943 Highland Drive, Holladay, 801-272-1903,

35.0degree2.jpg Tap Room
The small, step-down bar has wall clutter, a touch-screen jukebox and locals perched on barstools. A Sugar House stalwart, the no-frills basement configuration seems almost an afterthought: The Tap Room’s salient feature is a fenced patio with a view of the nearby liquor store. 2275 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City 801-466-0974

35.4degree2.jpg Sugar House Pub
This slick little lounge has a cozy atmosphere, clean bar and delicious booze offerings complemented with beer brats and pretzels for the hungry. Polished but not pretentious, this pub is a great Sugar House watering hole. 1992 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-413-2857,

35.4degree2.jpg SkyBox
For sports-watching with the breeze in your face, check out SkyBox’s outdoor patio featuring a 46-inch flat-screen. With more than 20 HD televisions and one bigger-than-life 18-foot giant screen, you won’t miss any of the exciting play. Great for sports fans with kids, Skybox features a huge game room including mini hoops and air hockey. The Gateway, 4 S. Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, 801-456-1200,

35.6degree2.jpg Canyon Inn
Granted, a frosty cold one may not be your first choice after a day of skiing at Brighton or Solitude. But, this pizza-and-pub spot at the foot of Big Cottonwood Canyon offers some amazing specials, including $1 drafts and $1 hot dogs. Catch a game on the giant projection screen, or relax to live weekend music in a casual setting. 3700 E. 7000 South, Salt Lake City, 801-943-6969

Bongo_NikiChan.jpg35.7degree2.jpg Bongo
As Queen Elizabeth II was inaugurated in London in 1952, the Bongo opened for business in Salt Lake City. In the 1960s, its clientele was drawn to its cool, dark, TV-less interior and naugahyde booths. It has since been deconstructed, enlarged and refitted with carpet, wrought iron and television. Nevertheless, it remains a sentimental favorite for those with a sense of history, like Doug Peterson and Lonnie Ray, pictured with bartender Connie Voyles. 2965 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-466-1577

35.7degree2.jpg Timeout Sports Bar & Grill
Inconspicuous between Asia Palace and Burger King, Timeout is a rectangular oasis in a sea of WVC convenience stores, service stations and multicultural strip malls. With seven pool tables, electronic darts and a test-your-aggression punching-bag game, it’s a nice place to blow off workday steam. 1754 W. 3500 South, West Valley City, 801-973-4115,

35.8degree2.jpg The Deerhunter Pub
This great European-style pub boasts some exquisitely crafted pool tables that are always free. The kitchen has a full menu, including a tasty French-dip panini, and the bartenders concoct some appetizing signature drinks, such as the Facial and the Filthy Pickle. Close out a Saturday night by joining the whole bar in singing along to Dropkick Murphys’ “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced.” 2000 N. 300 West, Spanish Fork, 801-798-8582,

35.8degree2.jpg Green Pig Pub
Clean, open spacing makes it easy to get around and order a drink. Lots of TVs and a delicious menu make the Green Pig an excellent place to grab lunch, dinner or weekend brunch, or just have a few drinks with friends. Eight large flat-screen TVs and nightly live music ensure that you’ll never be bored. This bar has an old feel but with that new-bar smell. 31 E. 400 South, Salt Lake City, 801-532-5108,

36.0degree2.jpg Red Door
Whether you go for an after-work cocktail or for the weekly live jazz on Saturdays, this classy spot is the perfect place to hold court. With mellow lighting and a patio intimate enough for chatting with a couple of friends, summer’s the time to head to Red Door for one of its seasonal fresh fruit cocktails. 57 W. 200 South Suite 102, Salt Lake City, 801-363-6030

DickNDixies_NikiChan.jpg36.1degree2.jpg Dick N’ Dixies
Reincarnated from what was Andy’s, this corner bar has been revitalized with large windows into a sleek lounge with great service (bartender Raven is pictured). Come enjoy its welcoming vibe before it’s completely overrun by hipsters. 479 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-521-3556

36.1degree2.jpg A Carol’s Cove II
This drinking establishment, now in its third location, should be called Carol’s Cove III. But the last move only entailed moving across the street, so they kept the name—and the '50s décor. Owner Carol Mills can be spotted there every day, mainly because she likes to meet and joke with her customers while country music blares from the jukebox and domestic brews come served up in cold Mason jars. 3424 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-466-2683

36.2degree2.jpg West Valley Billiards
Erstwhile patrons of the Farmer’s Daughter and Hy & Mike’s will love West Valley Billiards. Boasting the best burger in town and billiards tables galore—and sometimes glow-in-the-dark action—it also has a bank of pinball and arcade games on the all-ages side. Just don’t start any fights—it’s located next to a kenpo and kung fu academy. There’s a chance your opponent can beat your ass at more than just nine ball. 4669 W. 3500 South, West Valley City, 801-968-0826,

36.2degree2.jpg Down Under Club
The Down Under in Bountiful offers free wi-fi and a heated smoking patio, along with pool tables and old-fashioned American shuffleboard. Darts and video games help pass the time, as do friendly employees. If you’re hungry, just order from Acapulco Mexican next door—no need to even leave your bar seat. 544 W. 400 North, Bountiful, 801-397-0758

36.3degree2.jpg The Redwood Lounge
But for the football helmets on the wall—signifying regulars’ favorite teams—the Redwood Lounge is like Moe’s Tavern of The Simpsons, only the owner is less likely to threaten your internal homeostasis when you crank-call the place. Verily, the only attitude you get in this dark, cozy neighborhood sports bar is a disdain for credit-card companies and a “No Sniveling” sign. 502 S. Redwood Road, West Valley City, 801-972-9822

36.4degree2.jpg Poplar Street Pub
Who knows when or how it happened, but Poplar Street Pub is the college-scene bar right now. Offering a casual eating and drinking experience early in the evening, the place starts to bustle as the sky darkens and the live music starts. Luckily, it’s larger than it looks from the outside, with multiple rooms, two bars, table service and a patio. 242 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-532-2715,

36.4degree2.jpg The Republican
A nondescript wood door opens into an expansive, Irish-themed pub. The concrete walls give it a working-class feel, but the crowd skews toward hipsters and punks. The only knock against what could be a great neighborhood pub is its 4 p.m. opening time. Although food selection is limited, Thursday nights feature brats cooked in porter. 917 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-595-1916

36.4degree2.jpg Do Drop Inn
Located just across from the south gate at Hill Air Force Base and around the corner from Linda Lou’s, the Do Drop Inn is a friendly watering hole with pool tables, darts, video gaming and karaoke on Fridays. The menu features typical bar fare. The Do Drop Inn is open Sundays. 2971 N. 400 West, Layton, 801-776-9697

36.5degree2.jpg Lighthouse Lounge
Utah’s oldest strip club is an old-school oasis among Ogden’s quickly gentrifying downtown. You’ll find more than dancers on poles and thumping music at this joint catering to Weber State students, locals and traveling business types. Try fresh tamales from the kitchen, $6.50 pitchers of PBR and special deals when the Ogden Raptors rookie-league baseball team is in town. 315 24th Street, Ogden, 801-392-3901

36.5degree2.jpg Tavernacle Social Club
This dueling piano bar usually has a line out the door on weekends, but the wait is worth it. The bar is well-staffed, with rarely a wait for a drink before you get your song on. Don’t worry about getting too into the tunes that you lose anything; Tavernacle is one of the few places that always offers a coat check. 201 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-519-8900,

36.5degree2.jpg Cotton Bottom Inn
Neighborhood watering holes generally aren’t better known for their food than for their libations, but it would be almost sinful to visit here without sampling the legendary garlic burger. Take it from the dark, dive-y interior out to a patio table with your brew, and enjoy a gorgeous summer night in the foothills. 2820 E. 6200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-273-9830

36.6degree2.jpg Totem’s
Should you choose the east entrance and see the café side first, don’t let the Cracker Barrel-meets-school-cafeteria looks fool you: They serve a serious Mexi-platter, and there’s one huge bar on the other side of this giant log fort. Its stage (albeit floor-level) and sightlines make it a candidate for “the new Zephyr”—if only they’d stop booking such heinously named bands as “LOL” and “4/Play.” Shudder. 538 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, 801-975-0401

36.7degree2.jpg Trolley Wing Co.
After the move inside from their quaint old trolley car, Trolley Wing Company has blossomed into a little sports bar. It's added three large TVs and shuffleboard for your more competitive side. It's now relocated upstairs at the south end of Trolley but still slinging wings and beers the same as always. 550 E. 700 South, Salt Lake City, 801-538-0745

36.8degree2.jpg Huka Bar & Grill
Not only is it Utah’s largest but the Huka Bar & Grill claims to be the country’s largest hookah bar, a great place to order a “Pearl Necklace” or the “Chronic.” These house hookah tobacco blends are enjoyed best with drumstick-size chicken wings, sushi or with the beautiful people who fill up the “Bikini Tiki Patio.” 151 E. 6100 South, Murray, 801-281-4852,

36.8degree2.jpg Sidecar
A bar on the second floor of a mall seems like a strange choice, but the location makes sense from Sidecar’s deck, which overlooks Park City’s Main Street. The vibe here is definitely rock & roll, with live music five nights a week and paintings of Hendrix, Morrison and other legends lining the wall. Beyond music, Sidecar is one of few bars serving food until closing time. 333 S. Main, Park City, 435-645-7468,

36.8degree2.jpg The Point After
Sure to have something for everyone, The Point After offers UFC fight nights, live music, karaoke and DJs. Catch a game on the huge projection screen or chill on the newly remodeled 2,000-square-foot patio, complete with rock fire pit. Whatever you choose, you have to get the house-smoked brisket, pork & prime rib. 5445 S. 900 East, Murray, 801-266-9552,

36.9degree2.jpg Club DJ’s
A slice of heaven tucked into a Kearns strip mall between a Kmart and Fresh Market, Club DJ’s is a cool, cavernous hangout with a wrap-around bar, five pool tables, dart boards in the high teens and tournament action on both tips. If televised sports is the idea, there are 12 TVs, including a sweet 12-foot projection number by the big dance floor. 3849 W. 5400 South, Taylorsville, 801-964-8574,

36.9degree2.jpg Piper Down
Piper Down is the kind of place where afternoons can be passed with a leisurely pint, sports can be watched with a shared pitcher or wild nights with friends can commence. They serve up authentic Irish food and offer metal-tipped darts with chalkboards for scoring, not the plastic-tipped kind tossed at computerized boards that are used at so many other places. 1492 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-468-1492,

37.0degree2.jpg Speakeasy
At Speakeasy, you’ll feel like you’re in a different era: Seated at one of the small, old-fashioned tables and sipping a specialty cocktail while enjoying live jazz and blues music, you might forget this is Utah and that the heyday of Ol’ Blue Eyes is long gone (though he lives on in the bar’s popular “Blue Eyes” drink). 63 W. 100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-521-7000

37.2degree2.jpg Paper Moon
With pink walls, pink neon, pink streamers and more, Paper Moon is the pinkest bar in town. Once a lesbian-oriented bar, it now appeals to a more diverse LGBT and straight-couple crowd. White Trash Bingo on Wednesday is a must—if you wrongly shout “Bingo!” prepare for public shaming. 3737 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-713-0678,

37.2degree2.jpg Teazers Bar & Grill
The attractions at this super-friendly club include live music, a hookah bar with 30-plus flavors, a VIP area, casino nights, Texas Hold 'Em, pool, darts, video games, karaoke, NASCAR on Sundays and a full menu (be sure to sample the chicken wings) ranging from steaks to fettuccine Alfredo. The bartenders mix signature cocktails like Ho’s on a Stroll, the Cherry Popper or Sex in Hawaii. 366 36th St., Ogden, 801-395-1517,

37.2degree2.jpg Busy Bee
Belly up to the bar or play pool on the patio; either way, the Busy Bee’s been a staple for after-work beer and pub grub since 1948. And it’s vying for the title of best garlic burger in town—at least they claim they had the original recipe in the Salt Lake Valley. Be forewarned, garlic breath can linger for days, but it’s worth it. 2115 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-466-0950

lonestar_2.jpg37.3degree2.jpg Club Lonestar
A sister bar to Totem’s, Lonestar is another Lincoln Log construct, an off-highway bar that’s as much a Sunday breakfast and after-work hotspot (Dave the Bartender and Brooke LaChappelle are pictured) as a nightclub—and sometimes the diurnal and nocturnal activities blend, like during lunch-hour “fashion shows” where hot models work their way down from dresses to bikinis. 3153 W. 2100 South, West Valley City, 801-972-0506

37.3degree2.jpg Trails
One of the most popular strip clubs in Salt Lake City, Trails offers more than just almost-naked women. There are pool tables, plenty of TVs and a full menu. When coupled with cheap beer and close proximity to downtown, it’s no wonder that the parking lot is usually full. 921 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-363-2871,

37.3degree2.jpg Fiddler’s Elbow
The interior of this Sugar House bar is replete with 12 hanging plants, a living-room arrangement of overstuffed sofas, and a generous view of its stainless-steel kitchen. But of its 17 glowing television screens, not one is tuned to PBS. This is an unabashed electronic shrine to sports, sports, sports. 1063 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-463-9393,

37.3degree2.jpg Stockman’s Bar
Unpretentious is a good word to describe Stockman’s, located on Layton’s main drag. Everyone seems to know everyone at this bar where, occasionally, folks leave their bar stools for pool, darts or a video game. The place really gets fun on Thursday nights, when karaoke kicks in. Hungry? Try the pizza, chicken wings, burgers and taquitos. 80 N. Main, Layton, 801-544-8102

37.4degree2.jpg Lumpy’s Downtown
If you thought sports bars were dingy holes-in-the-wall, you haven’t been to Lumpy’s. With the flatscreen TVs at every booth for sports watching, as well as a selection of video games and pool tables, this bar might not be what you expect. It fills up for the big games, but on any night the circular bar is ideal for meeting new people, or you can keep it private in the comfy recliners surrounding the TVs. 145 W. Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, 801-938-3070,

37.5degree2.jpg The Other End Bar & Grill
A rectangular log building on the outskirts of town with a few trucks and bikes parked outside, The Other End is the epitome of a small-town bar. And that comfortable, small-town feeling is what you get here as you rub shoulders with locals having a drink at the end of the day. Extras include tasty food, live music on the weekends, poker night twice a week and sports on a big-screen. 1223 N. Highway 40, Heber City, 435-654-5532

37.5degree2.jpg Oscar’s Social Club
Nothing spells jukebox like hearing Iron Maiden follow Train—and where there’s a juke, there’s usually pool and a serviceable sandwich and/or burger. Oscar’s boasts an authentic Philly cheesesteak that, unlike Train, won’t cause you to run for the hills. Karaoke night coincides with Oscar’s Thursday night Texas Hold ’Em event, so that should be interesting. 8136 S. State, Midvale, 801-566-3222,

37.5degree2.jpg Green Street Social Club
Trolley Square’s premier gathering spot boasts all the amenities—a long bar stocked with beer and liquor and friendly staff that knows how to mix your favorite drink. There You can always find your favorite sporting event on one of many big screens, numerous pool tables and a roomy dance floor waiting for you to get your groove on. Green Street also offers an extensive menu ranging from traditional bar fare to fine dining. 610 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, 801-532-5108,

37.5degree2.jpg Lofte’s
Located among a cluster of airport hotels, Lofte’s would have provided George Clooney and Vera Farmiga the perfect spot to hook up in the 2009 movie Up in the Air. Usually packed to the gills with business travelers Monday through Friday, showing up for cracker-crust pizza and $3 drink specials, it’s actually mellow on weekends. That’s when locals in the know come in for the $11.99 prime rib. 2106 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-741-1188

37.7degree2.jpg Black Jacks
Spanish Fork’s oldest bar, Black Jack’s is a neighborhood joint offering plenty of diversions. Take part in a weekly pool tournament every Saturday afternoon, play some Wii Rockband on a big-screen projector or test out your Wii bowling against the regulars. The screen also projects for UFC fight nights. 65 W. 100 North, Spanish Fork, 801-798-7530

37.7degree2.jpg Manny’s Too
Occupying the corner spot on a block with three bars, Manny’s is a great place to take a few friends for a pitcher and pool. The bar is long, and practically begs for people to sit down and sip a few. Food options are limited, although chips and frozen entrees are available. 1704 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-467-6289

37.7degree2.jpg Bogey’s
The stained-glass windows depicting golfers underscore Bogey’s golf theme. Adorned by faux foliage, the sprawling nightclub features video games, poker, pool tables and a great jukebox. Order a “big-ass mug” and jump into a karaoke competition. There’s also a robust menu featuring everything from burgers to broiled halibut. Bogey’s even offers a free shuttle service. 22 E. 200 South, Clearfield, 801-773-9385,

37.7degree2.jpg D&R Spirits
Surprisingly large, this biker-friendly joint has a regular rotation of live bands and karaoke to entertain the masses between rounds of pool and darts. The large bar serves a slew of cheap brews, and there’s a full menu of bar grub, but you have to bring cash—no credit cards accepted. 2430 Grant Ave., Ogden, 801-394-8400

37.7degree2.jpg Tradewinds
The Caribbean name is deceptive, for the only thing tropical about this State Street bar is the lone palm tree painted on the back wall. So, bring your own Panama Jack hat any night or twist a lime into cheap domestics on dollar-draft Mondays. Tradewinds also has bimonthly pool tournaments with free tunes from the jukebox. Jimmy Buffet, anyone? 8000 S. State, Midvale, 801-562-1775

37.8degree2.jpg Copper King I
With its colorful bars, museums and eateries, historic Magna is a great place to bar hop. You can start or end at the Copper King, because it’s one of the bookends and a mighty fine watering hole besides. The bar is filled with local salt-of-the-earth characters young and old, welcoming locals and out-of-town mining execs. Cool off on the patio or get your groove going on weekends with DJs and karaoke. A full food menu will help manage your buzz. 9071 W. 2700 South, Magna, 801-252-1226

37.8degree2.jpg Tracks Brewing
This fortress-like brew pub is Tooele’s night on the town every night of the week. With DJs Thursday through Saturday, a live band on Fridays and karaoke Wednesdays and Sundays, that leaves Mondays for an open mic and Tuesdays for Texas Hold ’Em (also on Mondays). Tracks brews its own tasty beer and offers an appetizing pub menu including dinner specials Thursday through Saturday. Look for racers from the nearby Miller racetrack, military types and party people looking to get their groove on. 1641 N. Main, Tooele, 435-882-4040,

37.9degree2.jpg Southern X-Posure
Must do before you die: See a woman take her top off while she’s hanging upside down from a golden beam. Check. Southern X-Posure’s three dance areas are perfect for their sexy ladies to shake what mama gave ’em while a live DJ spins in this dimly lit gentlemen’s club. For breakfast-and-boobs lovers, they offer free steak and eggs before noon. 3420 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-288-1488

38degree2.jpg The Trapp
The sort of place that typifies our great Western city, Salt Lake City’s only gay country western-themed bar is home to a lot of people, queer or otherwise. With a cadre of friendly regulars always curious about newcomers and a staff that’s all smiles, The Trapp hosts club dance nights Friday and Saturday and karaoke Mondays. 102 S. 600 West, Salt Lake City, 801-531-8727

38.0degree2.jpg 41st Street Club Rendezvous
One of the few remaining private clubs in town, Rendezvous courts a casual crowd, with more of a family bar atmosphere, using the private-club designation to keep out the “riff-raff.” With one’s back to the Kmart and auto-repair place, it’s easy to pretend the otherwise flora-bordered bar is tucked away in the country, especially on Thursdays, which is horseshoes night. 4100 S. 1900 West, West Valley City, 801-972-4264

38.1degree2.jpg Lindzee O’Michaels Mixologists
If you’re looking to expand your alcoholic horizons, Lindzee O’Michaels is the place, offering a huge assortment of beer and liquor from all over the country and the world. In addition to the impressive selection of booze, the bar’s large interior and front patio makes it a versatile place to relax after a day of skiing, watch a game, enjoy occasional live music or simply hang out with friends. 825 S. Main, Park City, 435-658-1183,

38.1degree2.jpg Maggie McGee’s
There’s plenty of room to spread out in this Cottonwood-area sports bar. Enjoy a game on one of the TVs in the main room, slide over to the side for a game on one of the six pool tables, or throw some electronic darts. Sunday and Monday Texas Hold ’Em tournaments and post-game karaoke are also part of the entertainment menu. 6253 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-273-9899,

38.1degree2.jpg The Beerhive
It might be a secret ingredient in the wide array of beers served here, because The Beerhive has been a hopping success since it opened. A favorite downtown spot for after-work cocktails and pints, this bar specializes in brews the pickiest of beer lovers seek. And while it didn’t have the coldest beer, the frosty bar strip on the bar likely keeps your drink coldest longest. 128 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-364-4268

38.3degree2.jpg Hoppers
This brewpub may be located on the edge of a massive shopping center and corporate-owned, but it’s still a great Utah brewpub. Their pilsner, especially, is one of the best in the state. Hoppers has a full restaurant menu and is great for preparing for a day of fighting through the crowds at the many surrounding big-box stores. 890 E. Fort Union Blvd., Midvale, 801-566-0424,

38.4degree2.jpg ’Bout Time Pub & Grub
A bar in the shoppertainment plaza Jordan Landing? Consider it the west side’s equivalent to Brewvies. Time it right and you can put down a pitcher before cruising over to the cineplex to endure that chick flick your missus made mandatory. Football fans note: ’Bout Time has fantasy football draft parties. 3778 W. Center View Way, No. 150, West Jordan, 801-280-1000

38.5degree2.jpg The Old Yellowstone Garage
Looks can be deceiving: It’s identified as “Club Jimax” out front, but The Old Yellowstone Garage is a charming, old-school “dive” on the inside—with a new-school smoking patio out back. Getting there ain’t easy, but knocking one back there is. 1199 Beck St., Salt Lake City, 801-521-3904

38.5degree2.jpg Linda Lou’s Time For Two
Linda Lou’s is race central on Sundays, when you can hunker down to watch the cars go ’round on the tube. This 20-plus-year-old neighborhood bar located next to the south gate of Hill Air Force Base attracts plenty of fly boys and girls for karaoke, pool (sign up for a pool league), darts and video gaming. It’s open Sundays and even on Christmas, with a full menu to boot. 2981 N. 350 West, Layton, 801-825-0311

38.6degree2.jpg Downstairs
It’s classy with a laid-back vibe, accented by a fireplace, wood floors and leather upholstery. The spacious dance floor is inviting, waiting for you to make your moves—which you’ll want to do with the Downstairs’ roster of national DJs and musicians. Park City’s “intimate venue,” as the manager refers to it, appeals to both locals and visitors. With live music Thursdays and Fridays, the DJs make the scene on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The “infectious” energy of the place really does feel a bit groovy. 625 Main, Park City, 435-226-5340,

38.6degree2.jpg Wasatch Brew Pub
Located at the top of Main Street, Wasatch Brew Pub is the perfect place to start or end a day in Park City. Patrons can enjoy Wasatch’s award-winning beers and tasty menu in the restaurant-style main level, in the upstairs cantina, which provides a more traditional bar atmosphere, or under the sun (or stars) on one of the two expansive decks. 250 S. Main, Park City, 435-649-0900,

38.6degree2.jpg Club Vegas
Club Vegas is Salt Lake City’s least pretentious music venue, featuring killer acts and a familiar, neighborhood-bar vibe. Beginning in August, Club Vegas will be hosting Texas Hold ’Em Tuesdays, followed by local musicians on Wednesdays and the Metal Dogs, an offshoot of the famed Metal Gods, on Thursday nights. 455 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-360-0841,

38.8degree2.jpg Twilite Lounge
With a mix of neighbors who’ve been going there for years and a younger crowd filling it up after concerts, Twilite offers something for everyone. Every other Sunday is Psychedelic Bingo, featuring live music, but stop by this neighborhood bar any night for a cheap pitcher, conversation on the patio or a nice game of sit-down Pacman as you jam out to what some call the best jukebox in town. 347 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-532-9400

38.9degree2.jpg Lucky 13
In the building that formerly housed a VFW post, Lucky 13 has been reborn as a biker bar with urban sensibility. The patio is one of the best in the city while inside there is plenty of seating, TVs and video games. The tap selections are wide, the bottled beer selections even better, and the wall of liquor impressive. Lucky 13 also has incredible burgers. 135 W. 1300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-487-4418

38.9degree2.jpg Gino’s
The self-proclaimed “Best Karaoke Soundsystem in the City” blasts six nights a week. Mic masters can rent out Gino’s for theme parties and wedding receptions—metal fold-out chairs already in place. Time just seems to stand still while singing in the windowless deep-purple interior. 3556 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-268-1811

39.0degree2.jpg The Huddle
This Cottonwood Heights spot is spacious and inviting, with large tables and great sight lines for all 20 TV screens (including two giant screens). Weekends attract a boisterous crowd who chow down on bar staples, plus several salad options. 2400 E. Fort Union, Salt Lake City, 801-438-8300,

39.0degree2.jpg The Wine Cellar
Easily the swankiest club in O-Town, the Wine Cellar is an underground jazz-and-blues joint that looks and feels like the real deal. The wood, brick and stained-glass décor is wholly unique, and the wine selection is (of course) wide. 2550 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-399-3600,

39.1degree2.jpg ABG’s
This clean, cool bar is holding down Provo’s Center Street night life. Enjoy a fine bottled-beer selection and a tasty menu, where entrees are artfully described, like haiku of deliciousness. For example, the Great Garlic Burger: “The amazing, rich garlic flavor dances with the creamy Swiss.” 190 W. Center St., Provo, 801-373-1200,

39.1degree2.jpg Brewskis
Ogden’s premier rockin’ roadhouse draws a diverse crowd with diverse interests: They can rock out to live bands, watch sports on the screens, shoot pool on the tables, down a killer pizza or just chill with a cold one. 244 25th St., Ogden, 801-394-1713,

Willies_Niki_Chan.jpg39.1degree2.jpg Willie’s Lounge
It may look small from the outside, but Willie’s is a long bar with multiple areas for its patrons. You can settle in at the wood bar or back patio for a comfortable drink with friends, but if you’re more daring, Willie’s also boasts an extensive karaoke catalog (Niki Dees and Dick Werther, pictured, sing “Islands in the Stream”). Low prices and a lack of pretension make it popular with longtime regulars and recently legal hipsters. 1716 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 866-612-2920,

39.1degree2.jpg Swedetown Pub
Not much has changed at Swedetown Pub in more than a decade, including the prices. Cheap drafts are the lure at this endearing dive—a nearly missed adjunct of an apartment building. It's a slow-paced place where folks listen to pub owner and fisherman Kip Bytheway's fish tales. If the tale is tall, you'll know by looking at the fishing board decorated with photos of various fishing exploits. 1461 Beck St., Salt Lake City, 801-532-9282

39.2degree2.jpg Junior’s Tavern
Daily drink specials make Junior’s a great choice any night of the week. It has one of the most impressive classic beer-can collections around. The atmosphere is mellow and casual and the bar staff is friendly and accommodating, making it feel like a real Old World tavern. And you can get food delivered from Junior’s neighbors Rich’s Mighty Fine Burgers or Toaster’s. 30 East Broadway, Salt Lake City, 801-322-0318,

39.2degree2.jpg Henry’s Inn
This old-school State Street dive knows how to make for a comfortable drinking experience—service and nonchalance. Henry’s Inn is a nice quiet place to share drinks with friends or shoot some pool—free on Sundays and Tuesdays. 2645 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-486-4196

39.3degree2.jpg Liquid Joe’s
There are no chairs here, just stools. Plenty of metal diamond-plate adorns the walls, and the bartender hands out ear plugs to those who ask for them. The nightly crowd is young, restless and amped up on Red Bull or Roaring Lion. Only the fish in a huge saltwater tank are nonchalant as the tweeters begin to shriek and the woofers throb. 249 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-467-8512,

39.4degree2.jpg Art’s Place
Art and Yolanda Sanchez have operated Art’s for 15 years, and where have you been, party people? This place is surprisingly swank and larger than it looks from the outside. Open seven days a week, it features live Latino dance music Friday and Saturday nights, when couples and singles crowd the dance floor. Tables filled with small groups of onlookers surround the dance floor. The pool tables have their own area away from the dance scene. Expect to be frisked going in and/or have your bag inspected. But that assures a safe time for all; the vibes inside are friendly and relaxed. 76 S. 900 West, Salt Lake City, 801-363-9117

39.5degree2.jpg Bar Deluxe
From rock & roll to hip-hop to reggae to the out-there mash-ups of DJ Selleck, State Street’s Bar Deluxe is one of Salt Lake City’s best music rooms—with space to stretch out, as well. Also home to one of the city’s biggest selections of tallboys. 668 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-532-2914,

39.6degree2.jpg Bohemian Brewery
In an area dotted with fast food, cheap diners and chain restaurants, Bohemian offers great food paired with great beer. Although more of a dining destination—with a fabulous, east-facing patio—the microbrewery doesn’t neglect its bar clientele, thanks to a long bar for those who only want to drink. 94 E. Fort Union Blvd., Midvale, 801-566-5474,

39.6degree2.jpg Jackalope Lounge
This bar lives up to its name, sporting Bseveral stuffed jackalopes around the bar. Skateboard and wall art by local artists gives the Jackalope a solid local feel. There is foosball and a pool table, while DJs spin four nights a week, with karaoke on Thursdays. The friendly bar staff makes this a great place to grab a drink or stop in for lunch. 372 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-918-7127,

39.7degree2.jpg Rock Bottom Lounge
Don’t let the name scare you; this place is downright homey, from the Wii set up in the basement to the house-party vibe upstairs. Want a bottle or can of beer? It’s in the house-style fridge. Want some grub? Try the Fat Bastard, essentially a Philly cheese layered in jalapeños, with a side of the house-cut fries. It also has live music on Saturdays. 317 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-621-2070

39.8degree2.jpg Old Town Tavern
You know you've arrived at a distinct watering hole when the median employment length is more than 10 years. Bartenders just don't leave; neither do customers. Some loyal quaffers even come in early for 9 a.m. coffee and stick around for lunch beers. That's about all of the drink options, too; they stayed liquor-free to keep that "Old Town" feel. Check out back for horseshoes and a barbecue. 7662 S. Main, Midvale, 801-566-3172

39.9degree2.jpg The Spot
A place that could easily be called home, The Spot is spacious, with many large tables, multiple TVs, pool tables, video games and darts. Unlike most of the other nearby bars, The Spot doesn’t open until 4 p.m. Food choices are limited to snacks. 870 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-355-7768

39.9degree2.jpg City Limits
One just needs to look at the walls to see the caricatures drawn of the tavern’s regulars to know this is an eclectic bar with loyal groupies. It’s also got some unique specials, like Sex on the Beach and Jager Jell-O shots. 440 W. Center St., Provo, 801-374-2337

40.1degree2.jpg Red Rock Brewing Company
Both the food and beer served by Red Rock are twists on classics. The pizzas are served on flatbread, the burgers are served in pitas and the beers are predictable styles brewed in unpredictable ways. For beer drinkers who don’t need food, the bar area offers a bar and tables. 254 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-521-7446,

40.1degree2.jpg Roosters 25th Street Brewing Co.
The refurbished, two-story building on Historic 25th Street is all class, and the outdoor patio makes for fine summer dining whether you’re enjoying a burger, pizza or some of Roosters’ tasty chile verde. Don’t miss the Junction City Chocolate Stout or the Polygamy Pale Ale. 253 25th Street, Ogden, 801-627-6171,

40.1degree2.jpg The Urban Lounge
This is one of, if not the, busiest music clubs in Utah—there’s always a band onstage at The Urban Lounge, national or local. Though sometimes called a hipster hideout, the Urban is really just a neighborhood bar with the coolest (live) jukebox around. 241 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City, 801-746-0557,

40.1degree2.jpg Kokomo Club
The Kokomo is an Ogden classic on Historic 25th Street, from the distinctive font of the sign over the door to the antique booths lining the spacious bar area. Nothing fancy here—simply a bare-bones, biker-friendly, townie bar that still sells smokes from a machine, but doesn’t take credit cards for the cheaper-than-average drinks poured by bartenders with serious history in this town. 216 25th St., Ogden, 801-621-9991

40.1degree2.jpg Last Chance
If you’re heading out to Antelope Island, this really is the last chance for a cocktail. The Last Chance features breakfast daily, as well as sandwiches, pizzas and chicken-fried steak. The cozy tavern also offers video games, pool table and karaoke on Friday nights. It’s open Sundays and there’s plenty of free parking. 56 E. 1700 South, Clearfield, 801-773-3373

40.2degree2.jpg Murphy’s Bar & Grill
Murphy’s full menu and cozy location a few steps below Main Street make locals and visitors feel welcome and relaxed. Patrons can enjoy a sandwich or burger at one of the many booths or tall tables, or simply belly up to the bar for drinks. 160 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-359-7271,

40.3degree2.jpg Chuckles Lounge
A long bar with many stools makes up the centerpiece of this blue-collar neighborhood bar. The bar has numerous video games and pool tables for those who prefer to mix their drinking with activity, as well as a great jukebox. 221 W. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-532-1721

40.4degree2.jpg Circle Inn
As far as we can tell, this is Sunset’s only bar. Along with cold beer and cocktails, the Circle Inn is known for its home-style pizza (the smoky smell of pizza cooking fills the air). Drop in to the Inn for karaoke on Thursday and Saturday nights and pool, darts, foosball and video games anytime. 2253 N. Main, Sunset, 801-825-6093

40.4degree2.jpg Club 48
Club 48 is a bar for these tougher economic times. The $5 breakfasts on “Sunday Fundays” and two-for-one steak nights on Wednesdays are easy on the pocketbook, but the shaken shot of tequila with a “secret ingredient” will make any catastrophe easier to handle. 16 W. 4800 South, Murray, 801-262-7555

40.4degree2.jpg Fats Grill & Pool
Sunlight streams into Fats through big, plate-glass windows on the east and west sides of the spacious interior. It’s a clean, well-lighted place dominated by six pool tables. If your mom shoots nine ball and likes pub food, this is the ideal place to take her on Mother’s Day. 2182 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-484-9467

40.4degree2.jpg VFW 3586
You don’t have to be a veteran to join the crowd on Tuesday night for 75-cent drafts. You don’t need to be a veteran at all, but if you were in the Navy, if you like the Village People or if you know Starbuck is a character in Moby Dick, make your way below decks to the spacious downstairs bar where the back-lit portholes will make you feel nostalgic. 2920 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-466-0964

40.5degree2.jpg Ore House II
Tucked up against Utah’s famous copper mine, the Ore House is a destination watering hole for bikers and tourists on weekend drives. Located literally at the end of Bingham Highway, today’s version is 2.0 as of March 2010, after an arsonist torched the place in August 2009. Luckily, the long bar survived, one part of which is more than 100 years old. Sporting new hardwood floors, pool tables, an inviting patio and horseshoes court, the bar hosts live music on weekends and events like campouts and wet T-shirt contests. Pub fare is served seven days a week and includes a $5 breakfast beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays that is worth the trip alone. 9350 W. Bingham Highway, Copperton, 801-352-9571

40.6degree2.jpg 3 Alarm Saloon
The 3 Alarm Saloon is a large nightclub that has live DJs on the weekends, multiple karaoke nights, pool, darts and TVs. The beer and liquor are cheap, and there’s a full menu for anyone needing grease to soak up some of the alcohol. But, this isn’t really the kind of bar to go for dinner—this is a party. 7273 S. State, Midvale, 801-562-5252,

40.6degree2.jpg Hog Wallow Pub
After more than 60 years and several name changes, it’s still a great neighborhood bar. Inside, it’s a cozy environment for watching a game, enjoying a pizza or listening to live music four nights a week; outside, you can sip your refreshment on a beautiful, secluded patio. 3200 E. Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, 801-733-5567,

40.6degree2.jpg A Bar Named Sue
You may have to walk downstairs, yet it feels like anything but a cramped basement dive. From the stage area that hosts live music to the back room where you’ll find the pool tables (always free) and genuine (nonelectronic) dart boards, there’s plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable. 3928 S. Highland Drive, Holladay, 801-274-5578,

40.6degree2.jpg Desert Edge Brewery
The Pub, as it’s commonly called, has offered the same great Southwestern-style bar food and tasty microbrews for years. It also has daily food specials and a rotating cast of seasonal beers. And, for those wanting to learn more about beer, the brewery offers a monthly Beer School. Trolley Square, 602 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City, 801-521-8917,

40.7degree2.jpg Shooting Star Saloon
You can’t really consider yourself a true Utahn until you’ve visited the oldest bar in the state, and considering it’s only an hour from Salt Lake City, there’s really no excuse for not making the drive to Huntsville in the beautiful Ogden Valley. Bring cash, ’cause the Shooting Star doesn’t take credit cards, and bring an appetite for the classic Shooting Star Burger: two patties, cheese, the usual burger fixings and a grilled knackwurst to top it off. The jukebox is full of classic Johnny Cash, there’s a dogs-playing-poker print over the pool table and stuffed animals hang from the walls—including a St. Bernard head—to go with those $1.50 mugs of both kinds of beer, Bud and Coors. 7350 E. 200 South, Huntsville, 801-745-2002

40.8degree2.jpg Squatters
Despite a solid reputation and constantly packed house, Squatters never stops evolving. The beer is the highlight, but from the kitchen, it serves bistro-pub fare ranging from uber-healthy salads to thick burgers. Squatters is a favorite for an afterwork or pre-Jazz game pint. 147 W. 300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-363-2739

40.9degree2.jpg Corner Pocket
Located off Tooele’s Main Street drag on Vine and across from the Tooele Pioneer Museum, the Corner Pocket’s stone bar attracts a friendly crowd who like nothing more than breaking into a fresh rack of balls while sipping a cool one. Pool tables here are a focal point for pool leagues and tournaments. The DJ and karaoke on Friday nights can be capped off with a plate of honey-barbecue wings and Polish sausage. 48 E. Vine, Tooele, 435-882-2521

41.0degree2.jpg The Bayou
A Bud draft is the last beer you’d want to order in The Bayou: The bar/restaurant has nearly 300 international and local brews; 30 of those on tap. Jazz and blues bands play Thursday through Saturday, and the Cajun food is spot-on. 645 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-961-8400,

41.0degree2.jpg Big Ed’s
A U of U staple that often gets overlooked, Big Ed’s is located just around the corner from The Pie and directly west of Presidents Circle. You can choose from an eclectic menu ranging from greasy spoon to traditional home-cooked Asian specialties. The owners are as nice as can be. Big Ed’s is a true hole in the wall, but is definitely worth the effort if you’re looking for delicious cheap food and a beer. 210 S. University St., Salt Lake City, 801-582-9045

41.2degree2.jpg Highlander Club
It’s less a neighborhood lounge than it is a full-service entertainment hangout. Drop in for karaoke every night of the week, watch your favorite sporting event, rack ’em up for a free game of pool on Sundays and Wednesdays, or play a touch-screen video game for some trivia or poker fun. Full menu includes burgers and sandwiches, plus nightly specials. 6194 S. Highland, Salt Lake City, 801-277-8251,

41.2degree2.jpg Old Man’s Saloon
This little neighborhood joint toward the north end of Washington Boulevard—aka “The Vard” to Ogden locals—is unassuming, to be sure. The décor is sort of unintentionally kitsch, but the aquarium is a nice touch. It opens early for the morning/lunch drinkers, the bowling video game is the most popular in the house, and if you’re a regular, you can join the golf team that plays and hangs at Old Man’s Saloon every Sunday. 215 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-399-3231

41.3degree2.jpg Bar In Sugarhouse
Cross a Swiss chalet with a one-car garage, set it coyly back from the street, and voila! you have the Bar in Sugarhouse. It could well be the definitive neighborhood bar with space for only 28 “good local people” at a time. No frills, no ferns, but the front door is always open. 2168 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-485-1232

DonkeyTails-NikiChan_1.jpg41.4degree2.jpg Donkey Tails Cantina
The north door of Guadalahonky’s in Draper leads to Donkey Tails, where GH’s full Mexican menu is available to enjoy while you watch sports on a couple big flat-screens or enjoy the dulcet tones of one-man band Matt Calder on Thursdays. Or, like Brittney Hoffman and Mark Greenwood, pictured below, you can take your eats to the fenced-in patio, replete with a fire pit and foliage sufficient to obscure Draper’s urban sprawl. 136 E. 12300 South, Draper, 801-571-8134,

41.7degree2.jpg Lazy Dog Saloon
The Lazy Dog once marked the outskirts of town, and it’s still far enough out that you’ll hear the words “city” and “slicker.” That’s what’s cool about it. While proudly displaying a “No Whining” sign, it’s a friendly place where one can enjoy classic rock while owning the double-elimination billiards tourney Thursdays. And every now and then, there’s UFC on the Pay-Per-View. 12755 S. Redwood Road, Riverton, 801-302-5584

41.7degree2.jpg Goodtimes Saloon
Beer pong, anyone? Conveniently located smack next to Layton’s state liquor store, there’s no reason for Goodtimes to ever run out of booze. An abundance of pool tables means no waiting, and there’s frequently live music at this neighborhood bar, to boot. Try to drop in when Dan Weldon is playing. One patron advised us to look up—“The ceiling is trippy,” he said. He’s right, and not just due to all the dollar bills stapled to it. 641 W. 600 North, Layton, 801-544-8717

41.7degree2.jpg O’Shucks Bar & Grill (Park City)
The back-to-basics approach of O’Shucks makes for a refreshing change from the sometimes too-trendy PC atmosphere. At O’Shucks, you can sit at either the bar or on the simple sidewalk patio. The menu, made up mostly of bar grub, is written on a chalkboard, and patrons throw their peanut shells on the floor. For entertainment, there’s a pool table, and … that’s about it. Oh yeah, there’s beer. Really, what else do you need? 427 Main, Park City, 435-645-3999

41.8degree2.jpg Brewvies Cinema Pub
Yes, here you can drink while you watch a movie (which makes even romantic comedies more bearable). But, if you go only for the movies, you’re missing out. The no-frills bar and patio area are spacious enough for large groups of friends to relax, eat, drink and play pool. Brewvies features local beers, and the bartenders know their way around fancy cocktails. 677 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-355-5500,

42degree2.jpg Cheers to You
Long, narrow and packed to the walls on weekends—just try squeezing in on Karaoke Fridays—Cheers to You is the epitome of urban cool and classic dive-vibe, all at once. Shoot some pool, watch the game or just chug a mug of Coors Light in peace. 315 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-575-6400

42degree2.jpg Area 51
With multiple levels, patios, dance floors and trippy corrugated metal tossing dance-floor lights in all directions, Area 51 is one of Salt Lake City’s most enduring dance clubs. From goth/industrial on Fridays to fetish nights on the last Saturday of every month to karaoke Wednesdays and ’80s night Thursdays, Area 51 does a little bit of everything. 451 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-534-0819,

42.0degree2.jpg Johnny’s on Second
With five large hourly-rate pool tables, several big screens and a great dart room, Johnny’s has plenty of distractions to keep you occupied. There are poker games, live bands or DJs every night of the week. Grab a seat on the patio directly on 200 South to enjoy some fresh air and people watch on this busy and entertaining corner. 165 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-746-3334,

42.1degree2.jpg The Dawg Pound
The laid-back drinking crowd doesn’t mind minimalistic decor—Duct-taped green carpet pieces or the ceiling’s hanging wires—they just like having fun. Daytime drinkers do so at their own risk. Behind the bar, a cardboard sign reads: “Management is not responsible for the actions and/or behaviors of the TINA.” Tina, the daytime bartender, is apparently not responsible, either. 3550 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-261-2337,

42.1degree2.jpg Good Spirits
An old-school hamburger drive-thru retrofit is well suited for this west-side neighborhood bar—no frills, no questions, anyone is welcome. Karoke is king here as are any number of games, such as darts and pool. The ace up its sleeve is Sunday poker. And you can bet when there’s a televised poker championship, Good Spirits has it on its screens. Enjoy watching it with a plateful of cheese fries. 999 W. 3500 South, Salt Lake City, 801-263-0411

42.1degree2.jpg Westerner Club
This massive space on Redwood Road might seem to outsiders like a scene right out of Urban Cowboy, what with its line-dancing and mechanical bulls. Hang around a bit, though, and you’ll notice folks listening to hip-hop and rock nearly as much as country. The separate karaoke room is rarely not full, the kitchen serves everything from steak dinners to pub fare, like hot wings and fries, and the outdoor patio space is one of the biggest in the valley. 3360 S. Redwood Rd, West Valley City, 801-972-5447,

42.2degree2.jpg Sandtrap Club
Known by locals as “the original Cheers of Ogden,” the Sandtrap features live music, free Texas Hold ’Em on Tuesdays and Thursdays, ladies’ night Wednesdays—and you can always play pool. The extensive menu ranges from burgers and Philly cheesesteaks to gyros, souvlaki, tacos and salads—there’s even a brunch offered on Sundays. Try to stop by when one of Utah’s best and friendliest bartender/owners—Garrett Klein—is on duty. 2851 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-394-4446,

42.2degree2.jpg Circle Lounge
This huge space’s best feature is the patio, where you can sip on a cocktail in a tiled booth or dance to live music bordered by a graffiti mural next door on Wednesdays and weekends. Or, you can head inside, where warm, dark lighting, wall projections and intimate seating create a space to sip on one of the lounge’s signature martinis. 328 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-531-5400,

42.3degree2.jpg The Fifth
Heading north from Bountiful, The Fifth is your last bar stop till Layton. So, drop in—even on Sundays—for video games, poker (Texas Hold ’Em on Tuesdays), pool and a full NASCAR viewing schedule on the TVs. There’s also a food menu featuring nachos, fries, wings and a $3 spaghetti & garlic bread special Mondays and Fridays. 980 N. 500 West, Bountiful, 801-298-9983

42.4degree2.jpg Broadway Bar & Grill
Located across from the Venus Club is Tooele’s newest bar, having made its debut May 22. Broadway’s DJ spins Latino dance tunes every Saturday night for the bar’s roomy dance floor. But if dancing’s not your thing, the pool crowd keeps the action lively. 104 N. Broadway, Tooele, 435-843-0456

42.5degree2.jpg Northern X-Posure Ogden
A riverside locale is a rarity for a strip club, but this Ogden branch of the Northern X-Posure clubs enjoys a relatively remote spot on Wall Avenue, as well as a large parking lot to cater to a rotation of locals, Weber State college kids and airmen from nearby Hill Air Force Base. It’s on the smallish side, but holds some pool tables and video games, and serves a full bar menu, when you need a break from ogling dancers on the wall-hugging stage. 1847 Wall Ave., Ogden, 801-394-4757,

42.6degree2.jpg Kamikazes
This converted church in downtown Ogden hosts pre- and post-bout parties for Northern Utah’s roller-derby contingent, and serves up an array of house cocktails and shots with names like The Purple Boner and The 69er, along with its daily $2.50 24-ounce PBRs. The kitchen is undergoing a facelift before starting to serve Greek fare this fall, and it’s a comfy spot for either catching live music on weekends or a ballgame during the week. 2408 Adams Ave., Ogden, 801-621-9138,

42.7degree2.jpg Filling Station
The Filling Station’s biker-bar image is getting an update. Under new management, the bar has been radically remodeled with everything new from the floor up. Located on historic Magna’s main drag, the spacious club has retained its retro vibe even with the remodel, but it’s classing up its act from the rough and tumble days (the posters of scantily clad biker women are gone, for example). They’re scheduling live music and DJs every weekend, and karaoke on Thursdays. The patio is the perfect place to chill out with a bucket of ice and beer and a pizza from a neighboring pizzeria. 8979 W. 2700 South, Magna, 801-250-1970,

42.7degree2.jpg Studio 27
Newly remodeled, convenient to downtown Salt Lake City, Studio 27 (formerly Trapp Door) has all the swagger of upscale Manhatten nightlife. An equally chic LGBT (and straight) crowd enjoy live entertainment or just shaking it loose on a large dance floor ornate with gold-trimmed mirrors and a booming, bassy sound system. For a truly posh evening, rent one of the several VIP areas, champagne included. 615 W. 100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-363-2200

43.1degree2.jpg The Woodshed Bar & Grill
The Woodshed’s cheap beers flow easily to a hip (but not too hipster-ish) younger crowd. The live acoustic shows are a must, and the grill slings hamburgers on the weekends, the Sears taco stands are only a hot salsa step away. 60 E. 800 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-0805

43.3degree2.jpg Frankie-n-Johnnie’s
Even if you lack a chopper/hog/crotch rocket, it’s cool if you hang out at Frankie-n-Johnnie’s, a nonexclusive biker dive where the TVs are tiny on purpose. It’s more about shooting the breeze at F-n-J, but when the raconteur is a douche, distract yourself with $2 spaghetti night and Texas Hold ‘Em poker, cover bands named for vaginal euphemisms or the crane machine. 3 E. 4800 South, Murray, 801-263-0072,

43.3degree2.jpg VFW 7398
Nothing feels more homey than Magna’s VFW. It’s a private fraternal order, so you’ll need a member to sponsor you, but someone most likely will. No need for a bouncer, this bar is “one big family,” according to the bartender—a place to gather to share the gossip of the day or shoot pool. There’s a full food menu, and holiday dinners are a big deal here, prepared for veterans to make sure no one celebrates alone. There’s even a handicapped ramp for disabled vets. 9057 W. 2700 South, Magna, 801-250-7323

43.3degree2.jpg Sandpiper
These are the kind of folks you want as your pub tribe: the kind who protectively check the credentials of the guy sticking a thermometer in the beer. Tucked away in a strip mall, this is a cozy spot where everybody probably does know your name. Ask for daily lunch specials. 4002 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-278-5100

43.7degree2.jpg Uinta Brewhouse Pub
A microbrew roadhouse that, despite being located on Salt Lake City’s industrial west side where the Uinta brewery is housed, is a popular lunchtime and after-work destination for the employees of nearby offices and manufacturing businesses. Their hours are limited, so plan accordingly. 1722 S. Fremont Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-467-0909,

43.9degree2.jpg Saints and Sinners
Having a beer outside in the summer is swell, but dealing with streetside traffic can be irksome. Saints and Sinners’ second story open-air section puts the “p” in patio—perfect and “pour me another.” Plus, customers get three bars in one: downstairs lies a lounge that adjoins a dance floor clubbin’ area, then there’s an upstairs sports bar. 3040 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-604-0869,

44.0degree2.jpg Club Allure
If you really want to get sandy in Sandy, why not spend a summer evening on the 4,000-square-foot outdoor patio at this nightclub, with a little strip of beach and fire pits for cozy socializing? Inside, dance to the sounds of DVDJ Chrismo on weekends, compete in “Allure Idol” karaoke, play a game of pool, or join a table for Texas Hold ’Em Sundays and Mondays. 8925 S. Harrison (255 West), Sandy, 801-255-2078,

44degree2.jpg Sky Bar
No place offers a better panoramic view of downtown Salt Lake City than Sky Bar. Perched atop the Red Lion Hotel, the Charcoal Room offers live piano on Friday and Saturday nights while dance music plays in the main Sky Bar. Don’t miss Sky Bar’s appetizer specials from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 161 W. 600 South, Salt Lake City, 801-530-1313,

UncleBarts__Niki_Chan.jpg44.1degree2.jpg Uncle Bart’s
Although not a large bar, Uncle Bart’s is the kind of place where regulars like Darrell Gowward and Pat Riley (pictured) can pull up a stool and order a mug (or Mason jar) of cold beer. It has a couple of pool tables and small patio in the back as well as bar food like sandwiches and hot dogs. On weekends, it often has live bands covering classic rock, and Sundays is a jam session. 837 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-532-9068

44.1degree2.jpg Club 90
Tired of nightspots where you can’t find a chair on the weekend? That ain’t likely to happen here, where the sprawling, rental-friendly space allows for seating upwards of 450. Five bars open up to serve all those bodies on weekends, and the entertainment ranges from live music to wrestling. Or, play pool, foosball or darts in the game room. 9065 S. 150 West, Sandy, 801-566-3254,

44.6degree2.jpg Club Wet
For all you people who wondered what happened to the exquisitely named Toolbox on the west side of Ogden, it turned into the Playpen, which has now evolved into the oh-so-subtle Club Wet. From the outside, it looks like just another part of the strip-mall landscape, but inside, it’s a rather impressive strip club. Two-story poles and long stages for the dancers beat dark tiny dance areas tucked in corners any day, and the club also has incorporated live concerts by Ogden faves like the Codi Jordan Band and Gifted, as well as UFC-watching parties to go along with the occasional Meet & Greet Swinger Parties. 2706 S. 1900 West, Ogden, 801-393-2281,

44.7degree2.jpg Jam in the Marmalade
Voted Salt Lake City’s Best Gay Bar in City Weekly’s Best of Utah contest two years running, Jam is a sleek yet casual bar with a great patio, occasional live music, karaoke Wednesdays and dance music most nights. Jam added fantastic Bloody Marys to the menu this spring, which are among the best in town. 751 N. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-891-1162,

45.0degree2.jpg Habits
The bartender calls it Salt Lake City’s upscale, Vegas-style night club. And who’s to argue? The décor is earth tone with accents of brick and tile, and all but the dance floor is carpeted. On weekend nights, as many as 400 upscale multitaskers doff their iPods to dance to music videos under panels of morphing pastel light. 832 E. 3900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-268-2228,

45.6degree2.jpg No Name Saloon
No Name Saloon offers a straightforward yet expansive selection of beer, liquor and grub, and is always full of a crowd of mostly local regulars. The booze and the buffalo burgers make it easy to understand why the bar attracts so many repeat customers. The décor goes along with the saloon theme, but it makes for a friendly, familiar atmosphere, not kitsch. In the summertime, the rooftop patio is another bonus. 447 S. Main, Park City, 435-649-6667,

45.9degree2.jpg The Bay
Sip cocktails poolside on the Bay’s fantastic outdoor patio, now open at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. Come back Saturday nights for Privilege, hosting touring DJs. The Bay also plans a schedule of live music Fridays, ranging from rock to hip-hop. Wednesday is ladies’ night. 404 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-860-1083,

46degree2.jpg The Hotel Bar & Nightclub / Club Elevate
Turntables rule at The Hotel and Club Elevate, where even the open-mic night DJs Thursday are spinning rather than iPodding. With five unique rooms—from a game room downstairs to dance floors and lounges—The Hotel/Elevate features breaks, B-boys and live MCs Thursday, Latin night Fridays, and once-per-month Tweetup Fridays. 200 S. 155 West, Salt Lake City, 801-478-4310,

46.8degree2.jpg Lumpy’s
In a two-story configuration, set back from Highland Drive, and fronted by a patio with ashtrays on picnic tables, Lumpy’s is big and busy. Televised sports (specifically, the U) dominate, but there are opportunities for karaoke, cards and eight ball on designated weeknights. Upstairs and downstairs bars make socializing at Lumpy’s either a little easier or a little more aerobic. 3000 S. Highland Drive No. 3, Salt Lake City, 801-484-5597,

47.5degree2.jpg O’Shucks Bar & Grill (Salt Lake City)
A bar for bar-lovers, O’Shucks is the place to hang out with friends over schooners of PBR without the distraction of loud bands or rowdy, standing-room crowds (except Wednesdays, when the masses flow in for sushi specials and $3 schooners). The friendly, low-key atmosphere explains why bonds have formed between the regulars (and off-duty bartenders) who line the bar. And, OK, it won’t win any “coldest” awards, but who wants their teeth chattering while they’re getting their drink on? 22 E. 100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-596-8600

49.6degree2.jpg Pete’s Bears Den
If the beer’s not stone cold, it could be because the action here is so hot. Flair bartender J.J. makes a trip to historic downtown Magna worth the drive, flipping bottles into the air like a juggler throws pins. As one of the bookends of clubs along the main drag, Pete’s Bears Den keeps things lively with exotic dancers Thursday through Saturday. Monday features Texas Hold ‘Em and Tuesday features Beer Pong. Under new management, open seven days, Pete’s Bears Den has any number of fun events going on, from luaus to wet T-shirt contests. 8785 W. 2700 South, Magna, 801-250-6616

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