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Miss City Weekly

Miss CW Contestant: Champagne Starr

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // May 25,2010 -


My name is Champagne Starr, I live in Salt Lake City and have been doing drag for about 5 years. I enjoy performing at several local gay clubs including: Pure, Sound, Edge, Paper Moon and various Royal Court events. By day I am a regular guy with a full time job, and on the weekends I am Champagne, Drag Queen about town. I am the current reigning Miss Golden Spike Universe and the current reigning Miss Desert Star International. I love dancing, hanging out with friends, clothes and comfortable heels :)

Want to know more about me? Just look up my name on Myspace or Facebook.

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Posted // June 3,2010 at 15:52

This queen is ugly! I think before this queen runs for pageants you should learn to do your make up better. Cause 2 of the pictures you obviously didn't do it yourself! And just because you have a beautiful dress or costume doesn't make you pretty. And dont tell me your beauty is on the inside cause it deffinately is not on your face!


Posted // June 4,2010 at 10:18 - First, Champagne Starr is fuckin' hot. Second, drag is a form of art and entertainment. It's supposed to be filled with crazy costumes and shows off the performer's extravagant personality and shocks our culture's inferences about gender expression. On both fronts, she fuckin' rocked and her performance last night was astounding! Thanks, Champagne Starr!