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Staff Box

Has President Obama let you down in any way?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // April 28,2010 -

Nick Clark: He still has not fixed everything about this country that Dubya fucked up.

Ben Rosch: I think he is status quo as far as presidents go. It’s the rest of the politicians and media that have totally let me and the rest of America down. Something must be done.

Rachel Scott: I would really like him to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell already. Throw a bone to the gay community, please!

Jesse Fruhwirth: I was hoping the surge in Afghanistan was just a phony campaign promise. Alas.

Lia Pretorius: Yes, but at least I can say so without being branded anti-American.

Ted Scheffler: Are you kidding me? I’m still reeling from Dubya. The fact that we have a president who can speak in complete sentences and read books is enough for me.

Susan Kruithof: Our political system has let me down. Our government has turned into a system where the few with the most money rule the rest of us. It’s broken, and I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to fix it.

Derek Jones: I was so hoping he’d march into the House Republican Caucus and give them an earful of political abuse to point out their brazen hypocrisies ...wait, he did that this past January. Obama rules!

Scott Renshaw: I have found that keeping expectations low limits disappointment ... so, no.

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Posted // May 4,2010 at 10:22

Yes, I am disappointed that he hasn't ordered Predator Drone strikes on Rush Limbaugh's palace in Florida. If we're killing little brown people in sandals and robes because we believe them to be our enemy, we could spare a couple of rounds for El Fathead, the seditious traitor.


Posted // May 2,2010 at 22:07

Not in the least. As a small-government conservative I couldn't be happier with the shambles President Obama has made of the progressive movement in America. More, please!