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Staff Box

Conservative Viewpionts

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // March 3,2010 -

What conservative viewpoint do you secretly harbor in your liberal heart? Or vice versa?

Susan Kruithof: For the most part, I do not believe in the death penalty. However, if any scumbag hurts or molests a child, they do not deserve to breathe.

Eric S. Peterson: I think faith-based initiatives are a good idea. Religious organizations make for natural nonprofits that can help provide social services with better care and quality than most government agencies ever could—once you work out the kinks, of course.

Lisa Pretorius: I believe in conservation. Why is that a “liberal” issue? What’s more conservative than conservation?

Nick Clark: I, too, believe that Sean Hannity is the wisest robot ever created by Halliburton.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I’m a ravenous budget hawk who’s scared witless by our national debt.

Josh Loftin: I believe in whatever will get me the most Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I just want to be liked.

Jerre Wroble: Give smokers an effing break. Enough with the taxes, citations and vilification. Their cigarette is a drop in the bucket compared to your SUV’s tailpipe or charcoal grill’s fire hose of emissions. And yes, I do like to bum a smoke now and then. It’s one of life’s small pleasures.

Austen Diamond: I think red is a great color, but mainly for a night on the town.

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Posted // March 4,2010 at 09:25 For Eric Peterson: Thank you for your comment about faith-based charities. It was thoughtfull & right on the money. As scarey as organized religion is to me personally, I still find that the churches are the most organized and easiest to work with when it comes to common folk donating time & funds to people who are truly in need. I've also witnessed the soothing of homeless, battered souls and spirits lightened by the comfort and joy of believing in the love of Christ and "feeling the spirit." There's nothing wrong with that and, up to a point, it's a wonderful demonstration of how loving we humans are capable of being to one another. Thanks for bringing that to light :)


Posted // March 3,2010 at 14:03

C'mon you guys. Be serious.

Now's your one chance to say something enlightened and Republican like,"Well, I really don't like being racially profiled on applications for school or at the bank for Affirmative Action data gathering. What possible difference does it make whether I'm black, brown, polynesian or purple whether I get into law school or get a loan or a government contract for my small business?"