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Staff Box

Lindsay Lohan for dinner?

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // February 17,2010 -

Who would you rather have over for dinner—a Utah legislator, a flying monkey, Ted Bundy or Lindsay Lohan?

James Reifenberger: I would have Lindsay Lohan over. That way, if I at least get screwed, I will (hopefully) enjoy it!

Nick Clark: A. Removes dessert from the meal, B. Eats everything in sight, C. Eats me and D. Would eat nothing. I’m going with D, because I like dinner.

Scott Renshaw: Trick question, right? I’d invite the monkey, since the fictional character wouldn’t show, and it’s preferable to hosting a 20-years-dead body, a crazy whore, or Lohan.

Bill Frost: Ted Bundy, from Married With Children? Will he bring Peggy?

Paula Saltas: As long as I don’t have to cook/clean, bring whomever you like, except Bill Frost. He always spills beer on my clean carpets and eats all our Doritos.

Ted Scheffler: Ted Bundy seems the least ruthless of the bunch, and probably the best conversationalist.

Derek Jones: Interesting question. I pretty much categorize Utah legislators, Ted Bundy and Lindsay Lohan as all big, hot messes, so I guess that leaves me with a flying monkey? I’d rather dine alone.

Christopher Westergard: This one is so easy. I would choose Ms. Lindsay Lohan. That bitch is bananas, and I love some crazy. Plus, I would save lots of money on food since she allegedly doesn’t eat.

Rachel Scott: Well, since I wouldn’t want to be bored to tears by mindless rhetoric, robbed by a cocaine addict or murdered, I’d have to say the flying monkey.

Pete Saltas: Can I just put all of them in a room at the same time, just to see what would go down?

Lia Pretorius: Hmmm ... Ted Bundy or a Utah legislator ... I’d like to bitch-slap them both! (Lindsay who?) Ultimately, legislators have the ability to wreak havoc on a far broader base of people, so one and all are welcome to my abode for a nutritious meal and spirited discussion. Bring it!

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