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Et Tu, Bono?

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // May 31,2011 - The U2 concert at Rice-Eccles Stadium on May 24 was the first and probably the last U2 concert that I will attend.

Tickets ranged from $30 to $250, and there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. A huge claw-like contraption on the south end of the field housed an elaborate lighting and sound system, and a 360-degree television monitor encircled a round stage below.

For the price that some paid to attend the concert, don’t you think U2’s Bono would’ve shut the hell up and put his personal agenda and political posturing aside for once, and just played some great music? It’s no wonder U2’s music has become so irrelevant over the years. They haven’t produced a decent single since their All That You Can’t Leave Behind album came out in 2000.

Concerts are for music. Period. Politics? That’s what TV awards shows and the Internet are for.

Jordan Taggart
Salt Lake City
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Posted // June 6,2011 at 15:58

Wouldn't you just love to know why Bono's politics so irritated our boy? Can you say conservative out of water? Jordan, not to dumb you down, but perhaps ass-kickin' and screwin' in the cab of the pick-up truck is more to your sensitive political pallette. You need to get yourself to a country show and stay away from those loopy, liberal, progressive shows where people sing things like,"Don't bomb innocent people, don't burn the rain forests to raise beef cattle, give money to AIDS treatments in Africa or it will continue to infect the world, etc." You know, all those awful, negative reflections on mankind's current situation. Now, go get stuck in the mud with a Daisy Duke look-alike in an old pick-up truck and stop thinking about Bono's politics.


Posted // June 6,2011 at 10:22

Is it just Utah and SLC that he hates or would Jordan Taggart find something snarky and rude to say about any place he might live or visit? Wow, talk about negative energy. You know what they say: "if you don't have something good to say ..."